Prometheus Ampule Vase

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    This is my first attempt with ceramics. I played a bit fast and loose with the design rules, and that didn't work out so well is some regards (see below), but otherwise it's great!

    I took inspiration from the alien ampules as seen in Ridley Scot's Prometheus, and as such I chose matte black ceramic to try and evoke the look of the film.

    I imagined what it might look like with the lid opened, revealing what lay within. Unlike the movie artefacts, my ampule has a void inside, making it a small vase.

    And it is small, measuring just 10cm tall and 4cm at its widest. Some of the walls are <4mm thick. I half expected customer service to call saying it was unprintable!

    What didn't turn out? Well I guess I should have known, but the alien inscription down one side is hardly legible. I'll remove that before putting it up for sale.

    Here are some pics:

    netfabb cut-away.png