Program That Automatically Repairs Meshes With Color

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    Hi folks,

    I have been trying to design some models that currently have too many faces, or have duplicate faces. With similar (but smaller) models--fewer faces, or fewer individual objects--Shapeways doesn't have a problem with uploading them. However, some of my models are more complicated. These get rejected.

    I was recommended to use a program like Meshmixer to automatically repair the mesh--decrease the number of shells and remove holes on the model (although when I made the model I was sure not to have any holes...I'm not sure why those might be appearing now??).

    Anyway, Meshmixer does not import files supporting color (like .wrl or .dae). But I need my models to include color.

    Does anyone know of a program that I could use to automatically simplify my mesh? I am most familiar with Blender and Pymol.

    I also am uploading my more complicated file (And yes, I know it has more than a million faces in this current state).

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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  2. Shea_Design
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    If you can handle the booleans locally you could prepare the areas by color. When a 3rd party mesh repair app comes into the pipeline all bets are off, will it preserve mapping, materials or vertex colors etc. Probably would help if you only had a dozen or so materials VS the baziilion your file exhibits now. -S
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    Thanks, @Shea_Design . Why then, does this file work and upload to Shapeways? It seems to have the same "issues" structurally, at least. (obviously this one doesn't have the color to worry about). Can you explain the difference?


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  4. Shea_Design
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    Last time I looked at these I was surprised to learn that SW was accepting any of your files. All floating elements, massive dataset with coincident objects, a material per object, etc. I suspect most of us work very hard to model or convert manifold meshes, you are coming from another workflow entirely, mathematically derived models perhaps? Scripting? - I was going to try ZBrushe's new boolean engine on these but you model was too heavy for even a 6 core i7 with 32 gigs of ram. In excess of 4 million polygons in some 16 thousand objects!

    My workflow with you would exclude all the extra spheres (I know that has served you in another pipeline) and be parsed into a dozen or so operations, like I said by color to preserve colors and give the CPU a chance to boolean less than the full dataset at once.

    Alternatively we might be able to coordinate a dataset that could be instanced with metaballs, or create and edit a point cloud etc. As you know there are many approaches to digital design. -S
  5. UniverseBecoming
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    You can do per vertex color decimation with Meshlab. Shapeways has a tutorial on it found here. For ugly intersecting geometry like that STL file you uploaded, try Microsoft's 3D Tools cloud service. Uploading it there will delete all of the internal geometry and boolean everything together into one shell. It only exports to 3FM though so if you want it back to STL you'll need to convert it. In that case, you'll need Microsoft's 3D Builder. If you're using Windows 10 then Microsoft 3D Builder is preinstalled. 3D Builder will convert from 3MF to STL. If you're using Windows 8.1 you can go here to get the installation files. I don't know if it works with versions of Windows below 8.1.