Professor Rocket By Oskar

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    Hi Shapeways fans,

    Professor Rocket is a higher-order version of Rocket Twist. Its core is the same as Rocket Twist, being held together with dovetail connections. The extra layer (cf 3x3x3 -> 5x5x5) was hung onto this core. Surprisingly, this puzzle was first-time right, as it is the first higher-order twisty puzzle with a hollow core. The puzzle has all the reorienting-in-space properties of Rocket Twist, with some additional interesting canonical shapes.

    Watch the YouTube video.
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    Read more at the Twisty Puzzles Forum.
    Check out the photos below.


    Professor-Rocket---view-01.jpg Professor-Rocket---view-05.jpg Professor-Rocket---view-06.jpg Professor-Rocket---view-07.jpg Professor-Rocket---view-09.jpg Professor-Rocket---view-12.jpg Professor-Rocket---view-16.jpg Professor-Rocket---view-18.jpg Professor-Rocket---view-19.jpg Professor Rocket v2 - view 07.jpg