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    Hey folks.

    I'm a 3d modeler a texture artist with 7 years experience. I've worked extensively in video games creating character and environment work. I've also dabbled in character and prop modelling for CG film.

    Recently I've been doing work at the Creature Technology Company on maquettes modelled digitally and then 3d printed, along with designing moulds and templates to help construct very large scale animatronic puppets for theatrical shows (Walking with Dinosaurs was our previous show and we'll have one based on the How to Train Your Dragon animated movie starting soon).

    I thought with things a little quiet on the work front at the moment, that I'd offer my skills for a little paid work as a modeller to the folks here at Shapeways. I work primarily in Maya and ZBrush and can model both organic and hard surface objects.

    You can see a portfolio of some of my work here:

    Creature Technology's website is here:

    Email: stephenmschulze@

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    Hi there. Portfolio is great!
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