Professional Freelance Product Design Engineer and 3D modeller.

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  1. Donno
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    I am a qualified Industrial / Product Designer with over 20 years experience

    I will be able to turn your ideas, not only into a 3D printed model, but if you require a production ready design. I have experience in Injection moulding, Die casting, Sheet metal, Machining, Tube Space frames etc etc. I can create 2D dimensioned drawings to back up the 3D CAD models.

    My rate will vary according to your needs. Please allow me to give you a quote ..

    I require a 50% deposit and balance after preview images but before releasing the 3D STL files on all my projects..

    Donovan Penaluna
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  2. Donno
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  3. Phxman
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    I would like to recommend Donovan . He provides excellent turnaround, and is patient to get it right through many edits.
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  4. Sledder
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    I wanted to give a recommendation for Donovan. I have used his services to create models of my products. Communication is easy and turn around times are very reasonable. He knows his stuff and on many occasions has offered improvements to my design concepts.

    Two thumbs up!
  5. twozeroeight
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    Im looking to make a an over sized double action out the front blade, but modified to retract and extend via a string which is pulled by a ring (much like the one in the video game series "Assassins Creed". Ive tried making one by hand, but the dimensions are near impossible to get right. There is a youtube tutorial on the "modified" DAOTF mechanism I wish to recreate.


    here is the link to the youtube tutorial:

    and i wish the casing of the mechanism to look like this: HMnjb2Li4cqUdSBg&index=9&feature=plcp

    and if possible, i wish the blade to be a 2 stage extension, like so: m

    not sure how I would like dimensions...just 8.5 inches long is what is set in stone. I wish the demensions of the mechanism itself to mimic the second video.

    Many Thanks,
  6. deannarose
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    Hi Donovan,

    I am making stands/ legs for very shallow wooden bowls. I have attempted using sculpey and am not happy with the results.
    First question is, what metals do you work with for casting?
    As soon as I am at my normal computer I will upload some photos of the sculpey pieces I made for you to take a look it.

    Talk soon!

    Deanna Pellegrino
    Ellenette handcrafted jewelry

  7. Donno
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    I have recently done CAD modelling work for 3D printing on OO Scale Locomotive models and rolling stock, Architectural models, Gas burner parts, Point of sale prototypes, Furniture conceptual models and Shark tagging transponders.... The applications are endless and very stimulating! Keep them coming....

  8. ekusa
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    I was just wondering if you could give me a quote to turn this into an actual armlet.
    the material would need to be metal, preferably steel, that wont rust. Accurate to that style and be able to fit my over hand and be wearable with a sleeve as well.
    Basically what that artist had done, down to the details in the bolts.
    It also have to fit the dimensions of my hand and arm.


  9. SkyDiggerRC
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  10. Good afternoon,

    My name is Peter and I am looking for someone to help develop a product model for an item my team has been working on. I have specifics, but wanted to establish a dialogue. You can contact me at or via phone at 646-279-9910.

  11. peedeebee
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    Hello - I was wondering first of all if you live in the United States and would be willing to sign a non disclosure, non compete. I would need to send you a product so that you can see the exact size and shape and then I would need you to modify the piece to be either airtight (design a removable threaded cap) or vacuum sealed air tight design. I would then like to create a mold and produce the mold overseas inexpensively. Then I would like to find a manufacturer as close to Phoenix, Arizona as possible in order to produce product in larger volumes (say 5000 units to start) and basically send the mold to this manufacturer so that they can produce the product. Let me know your thoughts on this - I figured that you could send me prototypes - my budget is not that big but all you are doing is modifying an existing shape/ design. Also, if you know a less expensive way to do this project and reduce the cost of production, I would be very interested in your proposal. I have attached a photo of the existing product. Thanks - Dave Levine 480-332-0844

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  13. Donno
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    PM sent...
  14. alfplata
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    Hi, I'm an amputee leg and ask for your help to solve a problem. One of the tragedies of un'amputato side and 'look, innocently curious, the people you meet in the visual field, particularly so in the summer and in some places where' necessary to remove the clothes. I personally do not go to the beach, by the pool, or in any place where it should find the leg for about three years. I am perfectly aware that the covers aesthetic elastic foam or worse silicone coatings, which should simulate the human skin, sore hidden and sometimes make it even more 'painful aspect of the prosthesis. It 'much more' healthy and pleasant highlight with a hint of "art" that can not be more 'be replicated. I apologize for this premise in the argument. I found in the network of sites where, by means of 3D printing, you create shells polymers while recreating the remapping body limb amputee, very important for the well-being of the person, do not have the hateful image of the usual standard covers.
    Unfortunately, the producers do not market in Italy and the printing company in 3D prototypes that I found in Italy wants to send a STL file that are not able to produce.
    There 'a designer 3D CAD CAM that can deliver the project? Can I send a technical drawing with measures to be applied to the "artsy" I'd settle for just a few bas-reliefs.
    Thanks for your attention.

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  15. VinFin
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    Just wanted to give my thanks to Donovan for his amazing turnaround time, but quite honestly, for his getting the details right. I'm fairly new to designing, and the first designer I used was a not very good at following clear directions and in checking his own work to see if they met the specs. And he was impossible to get a hold of. A simple 1-2 day project turned into a 3 week game of cat and mouse.

    My second designer, a moderator, was great, but admittedly, doing this for fun on the side, and I wanted to step it up a bit.

    Donovan, my third designer, came through like a champ. Reasonably priced, and got almost everything right on the first try, just hours after I sent it to him.
  16. breerawl
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    I am inquiring about design of women's high heel shoes.

    Please let me know if you are available.

    Thank you,
  17. bartv
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  18. marymagpiedolls
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    Hi Donovan!
    My name is Joey Versaw,
    I am a doll artist and have stepped into the land of 3d printing. I have a doll already done but I need another and wanted to go with a different artist for it. It is fairly simple in design and small. Would this be of any interest to you? Please let me know :)
    Thank you, Joey Versaw

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  19. marymagpiedolls
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  20. ritacarter
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    I am looking to prototype a bicycle safety flag which needs these components:
    a clip wich can connect securely to variable sizes of strut and also hold a flag with an 8mm diameter at an angle so it sticks out the back
    also a connector so that the tube can be taken apart
    and a second connector that can create a 90degree bend in the tube.
    I am currently using available products (studding clips, extruded tubing, octopus grip rubber etc) but a tailor made product will obviously be necessary when I get into business.
    Can you give me a ballpark figure for a design job like this?
    I am a single person and this is a start-up with no external financial backing, so I cannot afford a great deal!
    Thanks, Rita Carter