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  1. BSKDesigns
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    About me:

    Hello, Shapeways users!
    First of all, let us introduce to you, we are BSK Designs, a company which is specialized in 3D modeling for 3D printing and CNC machining purposes.
    We have more than 10 years of expertise in the 3D field and we are proficient in almost all 3D software on the market, like 3DS Max, Rhinoceros 3D, Catia V5 and netfaab studio.
    We have the skills required to create any 3D model required, as long as it can be replicated in 3D. We would be more than happy to have our skills put to a test to prove this !
    What are we offering? Professional services at a low hourly rate, for just 10$ per hour. Who said cheap can't lead to quality products? We are the ones to prove this concept can be true, again, we are just waiting to show this.
    How we work ? First of all, contact us on our email, or on the PM to let us know what we could do for you, offering as much details as possible in terms of idea, references, dimensions and material. We will reply to you in the shortest amount of time, we are proud to have a team that can cover almost all time zones, so you can get a fast reply. Having known what we should do, we can provide you a quotation for that. If we come to an agreement, you will have to pay in advance 50% of the quotation, the rest of 50% at the final delivery. After the project is started, we offer updates using a WEB tool that lets you visualize the model in realtime directly into your Internet browser. After you are satisfied with the model, we will kindly ask for the release of the last payment and we will provide the final model in the file format you require.
    We also offer further guidance in the process of working with Shapeways and we even do changes, as long as they are not radical, free of charge.
    Feel free to also check our portfolio at the link below : 5919825294297081697?authkey=CPeWyMvksvOR8AE
    Don't hesitate to contact us, we will be more than pleased to help you!
    Thank you for your time,
    BSK Designs team

    3DS Max, Rhinoceros 3D, Catia V5, netfaab studio

    More than 10 years

    Portfolio: 5919825294297081697?authkey=CPeWyMvksvOR8AE

    10$ hourly rate
  2. bartv
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    Hi guys,

    that's a nice portfolio, but I don't see any actually 3D printed models. Do you have a portfolio with those as well?


  3. BSKDesigns
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    Good evening!
    First of all, thank you for stopping by and having a look on our portfolio!
    We do not have a portfolio with 3D printed models, only with the models that were created by us for different clients, who also agreed we can feature them in our portfolio( we would have included many more, but they are subject of Non Disclosure Agreements).

    Kind regards,

    BSK Designs team
  4. nitelub20021988
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    I would personally want to highly recommend those guys, they were for sure the most professional I have worked with so far.
    The communication was great, I got a reply back with the quote in a matter of one hour. And their online 3D preview of models is just awesome. The price was more than ok and the quality was exactly as in the description. I must admit that first when I red their description, I was a bit skeptical, mainly because of previous unsuccessful collaborations with other designers, but now I am so glad I gave them a try, they real provide what they say.
    I will definetly work with them in my future projects and I suggest anyone that needs a quality service at a reasonable price to give them a try. 5 stars from me
  5. drewdesigns
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    I have contacted BSK Designs team for a complete 12 set of jewelry, mainly rings, and they were great in every aspect of the collaboration, although we have agreed on a bulk price , they even done one model for free. I must admit I was impressed in a good way, not many designers do this ( and I have worked with a lot in the past 10 years). The turnaround time was great too, although I needed them in a week, they showed me all the models completed in 2 days.
    I will continue to use them in the future, that is why I also want to recommend them to other people that might be interested.
    Once again, thank you BSK Designs team !
  6. Fabcreations3d
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    Can you turn children's drawings into 3D models that can be printed?
    Attachedis a file for you to model if so.

    Best Regards,


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  7. BSKDesigns
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    We can turn 2d drawings into 3d models, but we would need to know if the 3d model should look like a bas relief or as a fully 3 dimensions model.
    BSK Designs team
  8. dannylancelot
    dannylancelot New Member
    a perfect team. Fantastic work.
    the best team for me.
    I recommend them. serious and very fast work with affordable prices.
    thanks for the model you created for me.

    best regards
  9. andrblt
    andrblt New Member
    I would really like to recommend this team, they were absolutely great with my project, I wanted it done under NDA, so they sent me the form in minutes and we were good to go. They have kept me updated constantly, always following my instructions, but they also had some brilliant suggestions that I agreed to implement them right away. Communication was very good using both email and Skype, and the entire workflow was the most professional as I have experienced so far. I will use them for sure with my next projects.
    Kind regards,
    Andreea Belotti
  10. BSKDesigns
    BSKDesigns Well-Known Member
    With many thanks to our client dannylancelot, today we had the pleasure to see also how one of our models done for him turned out , hopefully, you will enjoy it as well.
    BSK Designs team
  11. dannylancelot
    dannylancelot New Member
    Hi to the team

    thanks again for all the work you have done. All i asked is perfectly done and your help and ideas are also apreciated. i will have no regrets in continuing working with you. 200% service is the best i can give you. I still have a lot of ideas and i am shure we will work them out greatly.
    A one of a kind team.

  12. xliu019
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    Hi, dear designer,
    We urgently need you to help us look at our current designs, and help us break them into smaller pieces for printing and assemble. Rate negotiable. Best if we can finish today. Please reply asap. My email is l'm in Singapore, my number is 0065-85884686. Thanks

    best wishes
  13. cindykaiser
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    I would recommend this design team without hesitation. It's my first time using shapeways and these guys helped make it an easy and pleasurable experience for me. They were able to interpret my designs perfectly without any trouble or hesitation and they had the 3D files ready for me in a few hours ( I had 4 fairly simple designs.. but that's still a very impressive outcome!). Will def. be using them in the near future.
  14. cindykaiser
    cindykaiser New Member
    Second time using this design team. Again, very satisfied with the service and will continue to use them for future projects. I have no hesitation in referring them to anyone looking for a designer on Very efficient, knowledgeable and professional team. Thank you!
  15. BSKDesigns
    BSKDesigns Well-Known Member
    Again, with the the help of our client dannylancelot , who was kind enough to provide us some pictures, we can show you another model we have done for him that was printed to reality. We are pleased every time our clients return to us showing the result of our hard work. We hope you enjoy it too.

    BSK Designs team
  16. mingaralia
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    I encourage people needing design modeling services to hire the BSK Design Team. They responded promptly to my communications, they are very courteous, and their technical expertise is obvious. I had a great experience with BSK having two of my designs modeled for 3D printing, and I would definitely want them to handle my next project!
  17. BSKDesigns
    BSKDesigns Well-Known Member
    Again, thank to our already special client, dannylancelot, another model we have done for him got printed and came out, in our opinion, very nice.
    We hope you enjoy it.
    BSK Designs team
  18. firefoxpat
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    This was my first endeavor with Shapeways. I reached out to the team at BSK. Their response time to me was under 10 minutes. Although my project was a small one, they made me feel as if it was the most important project they had to work on.

    They communicated with me early and often, and the final design...first time out, was perfect!

    I will be using them again in the future and would recommend them to anybody that needs their type of 3d design support!
  19. Hello BSK designs.

    So i hope you guys meant you like a challenge because we are making an alien movie and are in need of getting an alien armor ready for printing.
    We will give you specific sizes for each peice of the armour as all of our actors are of different sizes.
    The alien suits peices will need to be seperated and named so that we can print them off one by one.

    So if you guys think your up to the challenge, give me a quote and i will see if i can manage it.

    Yours sincerely Full Force productions


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  20. jwpholland
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    This team did a terrific job for an engineering part of my firm, very fast, even with multiple edits on my part, with no extra charges, THANK YOU