professional 3D artist/modeler/sculptor for hire

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  1. megsempinado
    megsempinado New Member
    About me:
    I am a freelance 3D artist based in Philippines with over 4 years experience in a wide variety of areas
    (films/commercials/print advertising/architecture/game art).
    I have worked inhouse at some of major VFX CG and post production studios
    in my country as well as being set-up to handle a large scope of remote work.
    Please email me if you are interested in hiring me for full time work or remotely.

    3d modeling,texturing,lighting,rendering,animation ,digital sculpting,digital painting,
    digital matte painting.


    please check my online portfolios at
    e-mail address :
    yahoo messenger: x_blacksaint_x
    msn messenger:
    skype messenger: megs.empinado
    mobile phone: +639297456641

    Rate: negotiable

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  2. ShishiRanger
    ShishiRanger New Member
    You wanna help me co-create my CGI Sir handel face along with his nameplates and number plates and some O9 Scale LaRatty passenger carriages?
  3. megsempinado
    megsempinado New Member
    Sure Sir,
    Just send me any reference photos that may help,
    My email address is
    you can pay me via paypal.
  4. ShishiRanger
    ShishiRanger New Member
    Thanks man :). We'll start on May 1st and I'll pay you when my grandpa is ready to order stuff :). Also lol those robots are kissing :laughing:. I sent you the reference pics. But my grandpa doesn't want to order anything that has to be built so I can ONLY do the La'al Ratty coaches -_-. Also, if I can't get any of the locos or remaining rolling stock made by Paul Windle. We'll have to have them made via 3D (I'm planning to order them so be sure that the loco tenders have detailing on them and that the material used in the strong flexible stuff). Also respond either in a few hours or tomorrow to discuss the updates of the project.
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  5. ShishiRanger
    ShishiRanger New Member
    Also I forgot to add 3D model River Esk, River Mite, Shelagh of Eskdale, Lady Wakefield, Cyril, Douglas Ferreira, River Irt (old AND new version, both 0-8-2, old version inside frames with added crankshafts on cylinder rods), Perkins, ALL the La'al Ratty coaches (old AND new), ALL the La'al Ratty goods wagons (old AND new), ALL the La'all Ratty Permanent way stock (old AND new) and ALL the La'al Ratty stations, industrial/goods areas, and other places (old AND new). Plus O9 style track (has to look EXACTALLY like the track of the La'al Ratty but has to fuction like Bachmann EZ track. Also Northern Rock and River Irt's new designs are BOTH BUFFERLESS NG TENDER LOCO OUTLINED so they have to have that design also their funnels are taller then the other and have OUTSIDE FRAME chassis :). Sorry if I over did the caps, I just did that to make sure that there wouldn't be confusion between stuff :).