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  1. GeraldTrost
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    hi All!

    If I ordered some 10 Dollar piece in USA then I will have to pay 30 Dollar for its delivery to Europe.

    If I ordered the same piece in China/Hongkong then I will have to pay NOTHING for delivery to Europe.

    So it is my goal to have my Shapeways-Orders printed in Asia and delivered from Asia to Europe.

    Is this possible or will it be possible in future ?

    many thanks in advance
    Gerald Trost

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  2. mkroeker
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    Shapeways parts ordered in Europe are distributed from the factory in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Also how do you expect your "have to pay NOTHING for delivery to Europe" to work unless the seller covers the costs of shipping etc. (and adds them to the price) ?
  3. stannum
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    Making everyone in the country pay. Postal services have international treaties, and the inbalances are so big they raise the local fees to stay afloat. Look it up.
  4. GeraldTrost
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    Okay, I will tell you of my experience:

    I often buy small things at or at in
    Australia (this is where many Chinese offer their Items)

    If you look around in these places then you will often find
    offers for small items with NO shipping costs - free delivery to Europe.

    Sincerely, I do not know who pays the shipping in these cases but
    it seems to me that the State of China gives some financial
    support for exporting goods to Europe with the "registered Chinese Mail".

    So my idea is that Shapeways could produce in Asia and send it
    free to my home, as long as Shapeways can make use of the
    financial support of the Chinese State.

    This will even be cheaper as sending from Endhoven to my home.

    yours, Gerald

  5. Youknowwho4eva
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    We'd rather grow local jobs, and offer express shipping by having local manufacturing. I'd assume those "free" shipping methods are not very fast.
  6. stannum
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    All countries negotiated international fees, and their predictions were wrong. The ones paying are the receiving countries by running their services at a loss or compensating by making the rest of their users pay more (cheap imports, fucked up exports & internal shipping). USPS case has been reported a couple of times; there are other articles covering other countries, but unable to find them now.
  7. Just to resurrect a dead thread.
    Disappointing that Shapeway's official position is to quite rudely disregard feedback from an international customer, add a sprinkle of nationalism and assumptions and not even offer a "Thanks for the suggestion, but...".

    Anyway Gerald, I'll be moving to someone else because of this response. Maybe give them a shot yourself, we can help to grow local jobs in our own areas. :)
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