Product Design, Jewelry Design, And More As Low As $5

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by PrintItAnyway, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. PrintItAnyway
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    Hi, I design many things ranging from dice for gamers, to modern decor, to items of use, to jewlery. If you are thinking of making something, let me know and I will give you a price. Depending on the project, the price will usually range between $5 and $25, more or less. (Product Design) is meant as design for anything that is going to be sold either through Shapeways or other.

    Also, if you are not hoping to make money off of something, but have an idea of something you wish you could buy, please tell me and I might design it and put it in my shop for you and others to buy. If you give me a sketch of a product you wish for me to sell and I do end up creating it, I will give credit to you for the idea in the description.

    It is important you know I am a teenager which makes it harder to get work like this. This is why my prices are low, because I would like to get some more work in my portfolio before I would possibly raise the price.

    Here is some of my work.


    I like to have stuff to work off of so if you have any concept art, or anything of the sort please show me so I can have a better idea of what your looking for and it will make the whole process faster.

    Please DM me if you have an idea or comment for any questions.
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  2. Mohsen_Abbasi
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    Cheap is Cheap

    And you are not a product designer, just a person with a nice hobby. You have no idea about Product Design

    The market is sick enough from these things
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  3. PrintItAnyway
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    It is cheap because it’s not something I’m trying to make a living off of, but a low cost service I am offering for those who do not have the money to invest in there project yet, or want items of personal use that they would not want to pay north of $100 dollars for. Another reason my service is cheap is because being only a teenager, it is hard to get these kind of jobs so I make it cheap to increase my chances of getting some work, and earning a few extra bucks. I have made sales through Shapeways on multiple objects so 3D design is not something I have just started. You are right, 3D design is just one of my hobbies, but it is developed and has been my hobby for quite some time.

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  4. Mohsen_Abbasi
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    then don't call yourself "Product Designer" !!

    It is like is someone know a little about first aid and call himself "DOCTOR"
  5. PrintItAnyway
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    First of all, I don’t call myself a product designer, I say I can design Shapeways products, and second of all, please chill out. I don’t think I can change the title and I already addressed your problem in the description. Plus, your not even a customer, so if you don’t have anything helpful to say, please leave me alone. You have not worked with me at all, so you do not know much and you are making inaccurate assumptions.
    Wikepedias definition of product design: Product design as a verb is to create a new product to be sold by a business to its customers. A very broad concept, it is essentially the efficient and effective generation and development of ideas through a process that leads to new products.
    This means that the things I sold in my shop are indeed product, which means I do know how to design products, considering some of them have been purchased by others.

    Again, if you want to say something "helpful" just don’t because it’s NOT.
  6. LoveAndShapes
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    Why this hostility.... never heard of the free market?
    Yes it influences me to to see how people offer services for such prices, but thats simply how it is.
    These kind of commends doesn't help anyone.

    Regards, Robert
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  7. PrintItAnyway
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    Finally someone who agrees with me. The way this guy talks seems like he wants me dead. He hasn’t even worked with me in any way and he thinks he can just tell me i suck. Thank you for knocking some sense into this guy.

  8. MrNibbles
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    Competition is good!
  9. Ontogenie
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    If you've printed anything successfully, which PrintItAnyway clearly has based on the photos, then you should be allowed to offer your services. There are plenty of people on SW claiming they can design for 3D printing with nothing but renders to show for it.
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  10. designsoul
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    It looks like the Shapeways moderators prevented you from advertising your business outside of Shapeways and replaced it with the phrase '(Product Design)' which you didn't claim to do. However it seems like mr. Abbasi is talking about Industrial Design, something entirely different nowadays.

    I know the 3D printing market is tough, see if you can find a niche, an audience to deliver quality to and you will generate incremental revenue.
  11. LoveAndShapes
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    Indeed... And besides that; this forum is a quite friendly and productive place. I think it's everyone's responsibility to keep it clean.
  12. Mohsen_Abbasi
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    He can do what he wants

    BUT ... it is not Product Design, industrial design or anything professional. He write about providing product design, and it is not. It is max a hobby any he want to earn something with it, which is totally ok and his right. But he must choose his words corroctly. This is the point.

    In these days, everyone who 3D-printed a cup, think to to product design!
  13. PrintItAnyway
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    I thought I already Made it clear. I said it in the description, and I said it multiple times in the comments. I wrote about what I do provide and that is it. I don’t know why this is so important to you.

  14. Hello I have a design in mind that seems slightly complicated but with simplicity and you seem like the individual for that this is a keychain in particular would you be willing to help me out? It is something slightly complicated