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    My name is Jake Drews and I am a Product Design student currently attending Ferris State University in Michigan (USA).

    I currently hold an Associates Degree in CAD Drafting and Tool Design - I have the skills and training to design and manufacture tooling used in industry including Injection Molding, Metal Stamping Dies, jigs and fixtures etc. This training ensures that I have proper knowledge of all manufacturing processes so that I can product a product that is as cheap and easy to manufacture as possible.

    Using a fully licensed professional 3D modeling software package, I can create almost anything you can imagine. From next years hot seller to a customized case for the latest gadgetry. With my engineering background, I will ensure that your product is manufacturable, fits within Shapeways guidelines (and other manufacturing services if required) and is ready to be set onto a store shelf. I can create 2D blue prints and export in almost every Industry Standard file format.

    My rate changes from project to project, so please contact me with information on your project so that I can get you an accurate quote - My rates are ALWAYS negotiable, so if you think I am charging too much, let me know so that we can work something out.

    For more information, you can look at my website http://JakeDrews.Com or my Shapeways shop http://WondrousWidgets.Com.

    Please contact me for more information on how I can help you create the best model possible for the lowest cost anywhere. And don't forget to check out my gig on Fiverr!

    Jake Drews

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    I need to hire modelers who can work for me and complete a project
    that I need done by March, do you have that kind of availability? It
    will be a lot of work in Feb, and I need someone to start right away,
    starting this week 1/23 and work strait through Feb. I can pay, please
    send me any past work and your hourly fee.

    If you have that kind of availability, please contact me with your
    information and I will send you the files and instructions to make
    sure you can do the work.

    Also the work incorporates 3D text, so I am especially interested in
    anyone who has worked with 3D text that needs to be printed in

    Thank you,

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    Just wanted to let everyone know that a project I worked on for a client recently is now available for sale online!

    It is called the FridgePad. Patent Pending and awesome, it allows you to stick your iPad on the fridge so that it doesn't take up counter top space when you use it for recipes and lists. (and whatever other use you need!)

    Check it out at


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