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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by faabiian, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. faabiian
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    Hello, I am interested in creating a product, or a range of products based around the technology sector. I have a great concept of what I am designing and have put the ideas onto paper. And know they will sell. However I have no idea where to start this business, as I can't create the products myself as it it too complicated and I have little experience in that area of work. So I was wondering how I can create phone cases, and put together design ideas for a product, for example; a portable hard-drive. Thank you very much in advance!
  2. bartv
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    Hi faabiian,

    what exactly do you need help with? With developing the concepts, or with 3D modeling design? For the latter, we offer two forums, '3D modeler needed' and '3D moder for hire' where you can get assistance.

    Does that help?


  3. aegidian
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    You may be confused by the 'create new products page'.

    This page is used to upload files produced by 3d modelling software to be printed by Shapeways on their 3d printers.

    I agree, it is confusing.
  4. faabiian
    faabiian New Member
    Hello, well I have a concept, and have yet to Model it, so I guess 3D modelling? Thank-you very much for your reply!
  5. faabiian
    faabiian New Member
    Oh ok, but I have a concept, and haven't modelled it yet. Also the product I want modelled doesn't actually appear on the "Create a product" page.
    Thanks fro your time