Problems with wall thickness, or getting through the checks

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  1. JackSavior
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    I need to develop prototypes for my startup fast, fail fast and try again!
    My parts do not meet the minimal bounding box (12 mm) of Frosted ultra detail.
    So I added little cylinders (D=0.7 mm) that make sure I do. (cannot be increased to D=0.8 mm)
    I will cut those off when they arrive at home, so i do not care if they are crooked.
    But my models get rejected sometimes because the cylinders are seen as unsupported wires, which need a thickness of D>0.8
    But if Shapeways sees them as walls than my models are accepted and printed, and are delivered nicely to my company doorstep.

    I would like to upload models and order them without checks, taking the risk of a print failure in my own hands, disregarding some design rules.
    Can this be done?

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  2. stonysmith
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    If your cylinders are currently 0.7mm and you are just cutting them off, can't you just go to 0.8mm?
  3. JackSavior
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    fair point, forgot to mention that.
    The geometry of my models don't have a surface that can fit a D=0.8 mm cylinder.

    I gave it a second try and uploaded my models with an extension that is "U" shaped.
    I hope the extensions will now be seen as walls.

    For the future it would be great though to have a special corporate treatment of some kind that enables me to discard the design rules.
    And I understand that some rules need to be there for operational reasons.
    e.g. the minimal bounding box, so that they don't loose any parts.