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    Okay so I hope that someone could help me with this problem.

    I have a model that I imported into meshlab for closing hole etc. So far so god. Everything seems to be right and the texture is visible.
    I export it into wrl for uploading and then my texture dissapear. there must be something I do wrong. I've looked in the wrl-file to see if the mapping is pointing correctly and it is.

    Please if anyone could help me with this one - what do I need to do!
    I'm quiet new to the world of 3d printing .


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    You would have needed to zip just the redigering_medbund2ekstra.x3d and the 3d_i_3d~_tex_0.jpg and nothing else for it to work. I say would have because you still have issues that need to be fixed such as holes, thin walls, unconnected shells and unoriented normals.

    Depending on what software you used to create this you may need to save it as an OBJ OR STL with Meshlab and then fix it using Netfabb Studio Basic and or the Netfabb Cloud service and then remap it and repaint it before making it back into a X3D.