Problems w/upload Overlapping Triangles

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by jvalal, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. jvalal
    jvalal New Member

    I'm having problems uploading my files. There seem to be overlapping triangles. Can someone help? And if so guide me in how to troubleshoot in the future?

    thanks in advance
  2. iguffick
    iguffick New Member
    You might get a better response it you give a little more detail.

    What program are you using for modelling?

    Can you post a file for us to look at?
  3. jvalal
    jvalal New Member
    1. I'm not 100% sure of the problem. All I know is that there are 14 overlapping triangles. What other information is needed?

    2. The ID I'm using is using Solidworks

    3. I don't feel comfortable posting a proprietary file. I'm more than happy to share it privately, but this is a protected piece of work.

  4. aoster
    aoster New Member
    Hi jvalal,
    in general, Shapeways should not have problems accepting overlapping triangles. There is probably some other issue occuring. Please proceed the following way:

    - Download netfabb Studio Basic from .

    - Load your STL file. Select it by clicking onto it (it will become green)

    - Click on the red cross, as seen in the picture

    - Take a look at the statistics (probably click on "Update before"). It could look like:

    - Trying auto-repair and other functionality should bring your model down to statistics like

    - After repairing, click on "Apply Repair", and export the STL via the context menu in the tree:

    - And now comes the last and the most crucial step. The STL format has some disadvantages in saving some model situations that occur quite often. Even if your file is 100% correct, saving it as STL will recreate some errors. If that could happen, then there opens a dialog which alters the mesh slightly to prevent this. Just click onto "repair" as long as the statistics show

    - A final click on "export" will guide you through it.

    I have created dozens of STL-files for an upload to Shapeways and not even one has been rejected from their tool-chain.

    If you need some more tricks how to get your model fixed, just ask. Or post some screenshots of your mesh statistics :)


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  5. jvalal
    jvalal New Member
    Thanks, That worked great!!

  6. dymihail
    dymihail New Member
    Interesting. What does it mean when you get a section highlighted in red? (which doesn't happen for me until *after* I try repairing it)
  7. aoster
    aoster New Member
    Red sections are "inverted". Just select the whole shell and Invert the normals.