Problems exporting SketchUp as an.stl

Discussion in 'Software and Applications' started by Nathan2012, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Nathan2012
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    Hi there

    I am still having problems trying to export SketchUp models as .stl files. I have tried various plugins (stl4su, su2kt, su2stl.rbs) but none seem to work. I have also tried following the tutorial on saving the model as an stl file in Meshlabs. I export the model as a Collada file and open it up in Meshlabs but then I cannot find an option for saving as an stl (just .mlp or .aln files). Can anyone help please?
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    I use this.
    I used to have problems exporting as a .stl so have always used that and it works every time.

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  3. Nathan2012
    Nathan2012 New Member
    Thanks for the link to the stl converter file. Unfortunately I've already tried this and it never works for me. I decided to try Accutrans. So far I can save my models in this program as a Collada file, but I still encounter the same problem of having the model flipped on its side in the Shapeways preview, or I can save it as an stl but for some reason it reduces the model down to a fraction of the size it is supposed to be. What am I doing wrong?
    JACANT Well-Known Member
    Once you have opened your DAE file in Meshlab.
    Go to File - Export mesh as
    Change files of type to STL
    Save model
    Get yourself a copy of Netfabb
    Open the newly created STL in Netfabb
    From there you can check, repair, scale and rotate your file.
    Then go to Part - Export part as STL
    It will check your model again. If need be click on repair until you get a green tick.
    If you do not get the green tick, click on ignore, save file, then try uploading your model to Netfabb Cloud
  5. Nathan2012
    Nathan2012 New Member
    Thanks - I'll try this method out.
  6. Nathan2012
    Nathan2012 New Member
    Ok, thanks for all the advice. I'm nearly there, but not quite!

    I opened up a couple of models in Netfabb and did an automatic repair and got the green tick. I then saved it as an stl and uploaded it to Shapeways. This has solved the problem I was having of the models being flipped on their side in the preview - they now preview in the correct orientation. However, there are some small parts missing from the models which I don't understand as they uploaded completely as Collada files. Can anyone help please?

    JACANT Well-Known Member
    Why don't you just rotate your objects in Sketchup and upload your DAE file direct to Shapeways?
    In Skecthup select all your parts or model you want rotating.
    Go to tools - Rotate
    The compass will appear, pick the axis you want to rotate on, the compass will change colour. Pick an endpoint to start pick another endpoint on the same axis and flip your part or model around to the required axis.