Problem with your View in 3D button on your website

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by SpaceMonkey, Nov 8, 2009.

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    I have a problem with your View in 3D button on your website.

    I’m running Windows and using Firefox.

    When I was looking at peoples models and I click on the View in 3D button it use to work for me (in Firefox) but I got this window which pop up and recommended that it disabled something in Java to make it work better. It said:

    For best robustness of OpenGL applets on Windows, we recommend disabling Java2D’s use of DirectDraw. This setting will affect all applets, but is unlikely to slow other applets down significantly. May we update you to turn off DirectDraw for applets? You can change this back later if necessary using the Java Control Panel, Java tab, under Java Applet Runtime Settings.

    I agreed and it crashed my computer. :eek:

    When it started up again I went to your website and tried to View in 3D button but all I got was just the original photo of the object (no spinning view of the model). Also it has disabled the ad blocking plugin in Firefox.

    I tried using the View in 3D button in Explorer and it works fine. I get the same window poping up and asking me to disable stuff but I’m not going to agree to that.

    I reinstalled Java, no luck.

    I reinstalled Firefox and it works again now. :eek:
    Problem the ad blocking is still broken.

    Suggestions: If you come across this window do not agree to it.

    Question: Why are you guys asking to disable something in Java? Are you aware of this problem?