Problem with Models Not Showing in Shop

Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by sedstiskyfaller, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. sedstiskyfaller
    sedstiskyfaller Active Member
    Hi all,

    I am having a problem with some of the models I just saved as "Display to Public" showing up in my shop. It has been about 30 min now (it usually never takes this long). I have had other problems with new uploads not showing up in my designs this morning also.

    Is there something going on with the website?

    Sedsti Skyfaller
  2. sedstiskyfaller
    sedstiskyfaller Active Member
    They finally showed up, but now it says my WebGL is not enabled to view the model preview even though it is.

    If anyone can help with this or is having the same issue it would be much appreciated.
  3. goldencraftworks
    goldencraftworks New Member
    I have 2 models that I've uploaded, but only one is showing up in "My Models". I've set up my shop, but neither of these models are showing up - even though I've selected and saved the settings "Offer for sale to others" and "Display to the public". I've added pricing, photos, categories, etc. and nothing is showing up in the shop. When I click on my username, the message pops up, "Oh no! goldencraftworks has not created any products yet."

    This seems like some very serious lag. Is there any setting I'm just not invoking or is there a problem with the server right now? Thanks for any help!
  4. tinarity
    tinarity Well-Known Member
    never had this problem until i uploaded three models but only two are showing and the third (and most interesting) seems to have been swallowed by some weird bug......actually i uploaded this one 3x times.....but no luck. advice appreciated :)
  5. tinarity
    tinarity Well-Known Member
    ooops one more problem....the previos version of the 'not showing model' sticks like glue even though i have delete it at least 5x and 'saved changes'.....your servers having a party?
  6. I uploaded 6 models yesterday morning and none of them have shown up yet. I still get the green bar across the top of my "models" page telling me that it will take awhile for the models to propagate through the website. I know the models uploaded and went through the initial check and the thickness check but have never shown up in the "models" section.

    It is a shame, I wanted to get some work done on my Shapeways store this 3 day weekend.
  7. tinarity
    tinarity Well-Known Member
    don't dispair, my new models are showing now (double as i uploaded several times) the models are unlikely to be lost in space and hopefully by monday everything runs smoothly again