Problem With Etsy Integration With Lots Of Variants

Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by wgseligman, May 1, 2019.

  1. wgseligman
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    I'm having a problem using Shapeways' Etsy e-commerce integration on my products with a large number of "variants."

    Let's start with an item that works. Consider this item from my shop on Shapeways:

    Here's the corresponding Etsy listing:

    Since I offer the item in 11 materials, and with or without an engraved image, by Shapeways' count that's 22 variants. I had no problem using the Shapeways<->Etsy variant mapping page to link those variants to my Shapeways models (though it was tedious, but let's save the design of the page for some other time).

    Now consider this ring, one of several I have available on my shop. Here's the Shapeways listing:

    Here's the corresponding listing on Etsy, which I presently have to fulfill manually since I can't set up the integration:

    I offer the ring in 3 materials, and 6 different ring sizes. That should come to 18 variants, less than the 22 variants of the other item. However, when I click on the EDIT button in the variant mapping page, there's a long pause followed by a page with the message "Error 504 - Gateway Timeout".

    This is the case for all the rings I sell on Shapeways and for which I'd like to set up Etsy integration. All of my other rings have more variations in both materials and available ring sizes than the above example, and have the same error message when I try to map their variants, but I'm starting with the simplest example.

    Is anyone else having this problem? Has anyone found a practical solution?
  2. LeonTsivin
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    Hi wgseligman, thanks for flagging this bug, we are working to resolve it today.

  3. LeonTsivin
    LeonTsivin Member Product Team
    This should be fixed now @wgseligman, please try to edit your listings and let me know if you still encounter any issues.
  4. wgseligman
    wgseligman Well-Known Member
    You did indeed fix that particular problem; thanks.

    Unfortunately, now that I can edit my items with a large number of variants, two new problems have emerged. One I can work around; the other I cannot. Each is a separate problem with the "model" column and the "materials" column.

    I'll talk about the "materials" column first. You've provided a feature where I can select checkboxes on the variant lines, then select the material and/or the model for all the selected lines. It's a good concept, and matches a similar interface for setting prices on the items.

    The problem is if I use that feature to select, for example, the materials for the top items on the page to be "Natural Brass" and the bottom half to be "Polished Brass" then hit the "Save Changes" button, after the page refreshes all the materials become "Polished Brass." The work-around is either to set the materials on each line/variant individually, or I have to make absolutely sure that no items are checked and the "Variants Selected" line is not visible before hitting "Save Changes."

    The above problem is merely an annoyance. The problem with the model column is serious.

    Setting the models for a couple of items via the "Variants Selected" checkboxes is no problem. The problem comes after clicking the "Save Changes" button. Instead of seeing the name of the model file, I see the overall name of the item. For example, when I set the models using this page:

    instead of seeing the model file names as I do with other items I sell, I see "Triple Moon Ring" in every model text box. I don't have a model file simply named "Triple Moon Ring," nor did I search for or type that name in the model selection box.. Since I don't see the actual model file name, I can't tell if the correct model file (or indeed any of my model files) will be used if an Etsy customer places an order.

    This is not a problem I had with my other items with fewer variants.
  5. Lefteri
    Lefteri Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Hello, wgseligman! Thank you for bringing these issues to our attention. I will work on resolving this with my colleagues and reach out to via our support email.