Problem Update: Dimensions, but no volume

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  1. senshi
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    Hey everyone,

    Continuing my adventure with the not-willingly-uploadable Elf, I now have a 'successful' upload, which features the right dimensions... but no volume! -_-
    I'm stumped... Does anyone have any experience with this? I've tried inverting the normals, but no luck. =/

    The model in-shop: html?gid=ug19892

    Thanks in advance,

    Me again. I'd really like to have this print ordered before Dec. 12th, but I'm not sure what this upload error means. =/

    EDIT: Got a different error now: "Error while unifying: 17". I've tried recalculating the normals as well as inverting them, but neither worked. The only part I managed to get uploaded properly was the base of the figure.

    I can wait for the automatic repair service, but I'm afraid it'll be too late then. Can anyone please help me? I'll attach the .zip in good faith that no-one will steal it, yada-yada, etc. ;)

    Model info:
    Extension - .zip (.wrl + .png)
    Scale - 0.01 (to compensate for VRML scale. First upload returned the 'too big' error)
    Modeling program - Blender 2.55
    Exported to VRML97 (wrl) in blender 2.49

    Thanks in advance,

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  2. Datto
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    I'm having similar problems. Tried to upload a model and got the 'error while unifying 17" Not sure what it's unifying, it's one mesh.

    I decided to try uploading the simpler base mesh and got the 'empty output error.

    The base mesh was a lathed object that I made sure was manifold. I was taken into ZBrush for subdivision and detailing. I the lated object the problem? I've never gotten these errors before.