Problem regarding my model .

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by mynameismarcohk, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. mynameismarcohk
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    Shapways ,

    I have sent several email to customer services yesterday with regards to a problem of my model .
    12 out of 13 parts are perfect , I am really really happy with that .
    But there is a seriously problem with one part .
    I just wonder could it be fixed ?
    The part is totally deformed and I do not know why .

    Here are the image .

    Here is how it should look 36694

    Thank you for your attention .


    Marco Chan
  2. mynameismarcohk
    mynameismarcohk New Member
    anyone helping me ?anyone helping me ?
    anyone helping me ?anyone helping me ?
  3. virtox
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    In understand your impatience, but the forum is not the best place for acute answers.

    But if you have sent several emails to customer service, best to just wait for an answer ;)

    On weekends it might take a little longer.

    To fix the part yourself, you could try simmering it in hot /boiling water for a while and try bending it in shape.
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  4. mynameismarcohk
    mynameismarcohk New Member
    Oh it is weekend lol
    IT is transparent white in 1.45 mm
    I am afraid I will break it when bending it .
    Are you sure I can boil it ?

    Thanks mate :)
  5. virtox
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    Sorry I figured it was WSF.

    Do NOT boil detail materials, they have a low melting temperature ;)

  6. stop4stuff
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    hot water can be used to bend detail parts... i forgot what the melting temperature is but I reshaped a white detail bracelet using hot water from a kettle, I literally just poured the water over the area that needed bending and went for it... just watch your fingers if you go that route and your mileage may vary.
  7. bartv
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    Did Customer Support get back to you on this yet?