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    Hi! I need to create a parallelepipedon (40x40x3mm) with smooth edges with a small hole and apply two different textures on the two opposite sides, then send it to Shapeways for 3D printing in fullcolor sandstone.
    I'm doing it this way:
    - I create the solid with VectorWorks (by subtracting an extruded cilinder from an extruded parallelepidedon with smooth edges); I also tried to extrude the square with the hole in it, but I got a worse result in the dxf export
    - I export the model in dxf format and open it with C4D release 10
    - I select the polygons that form the side I want to apply the texture to, and I apply the texture to the saved selection keeping the solid as one object
    - I do the same with the second side and apply the second texture
    - I export to vrlm 2 format, but the file I get doesn't reference the textures (my version of C4D doesn't offer any setting for exporting in vrlm 2)

    NB: in one previous attempt I applied one texture only to the entire object wich was in that case a parallelepipedon with no rounded corners and no hole in it and - with the same exact procedure - it worked and the vrlm 2 file had the texture referenced.
    I checked the vrlm file with a text editor and saw that it didn't reference at all the texture files, so It's not a matter of embedding the texture into the zip file.
    Even re-opening the vrlm file in C4D shows a no texture solid.

    Can anybody help me please?

    Thank you very much,