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Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by coines23, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. coines23
    coines23 Well-Known Member
    What kind of turnaround should we expect on this? Hours, days, weeks?
  2. coines23
    coines23 Well-Known Member
    Also, why did you retroactively do this to my most recent product when all I did was fix the markups just now?
  3. Model_Monkey
    Model_Monkey Well-Known Member
    It's happening to me, too. Two models, very old ones, that have sold. Tame designs, too. Nothing provocative or controversial about them. Just parts for model ships.

    Didn't know any of my models were under review at all, then received two emails from Shapeways saying that the models had been marked as private, pending review and that the review was complete and the models were ready for sale. But they aren't for sale. When I go to the product page for either of them, they are not for sale and I can't reset them.

    I sent an email to customer support to ask about this and look forward to the reply.

    Interestingly, I also receive a message each time I try to log in telling me I have to reset my password due to some kind of attempted security attack on SW.

    I wonder if my shop got hacked, or someone tried to hack it.

    [Update: customer service resolved this for me.]
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  4. Echoco
    Echoco Well-Known Member
    Having this issue for one of my recent upload, not sure if older models are affected. I wish more info was available, 3D tool looks clean. If ever designer has one model tagged like this I'm expecting one long backlog.
  5. Jaing
    Jaing Member
    Any updates? Just had one of my models set to "private pending review" as well.
  6. Model_Monkey
    Model_Monkey Well-Known Member
    SW customer service resolved the problem for me. It happened to me again yesterday when I updated existing designs. I contacted customer service but I bet they are swamped from the sale and haven't yet been able to respond.

    [edit: SW customer service resolved this for me. Part of the response was a statement regarding checking some models for copyright infringement.]
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  7. Oskar_van_Deventer
    Oskar_van_Deventer Well-Known Member
    Happened to me too today. I just fixed a typo and got "punished" by Shapeways, who set set the model to "private pending review". The message also promised "We will notify you when it is ready for sale". I think I'll just wait this one out.

    In the mean time: SHAPEWAYS, CLEAN UP YOUR ACT!
  8. adbinc
    adbinc Well-Known Member
    Just email customer service and they will fix it for you. No need to leave things off sale any longer than need be. :) And if fixing an error that doesn't affect the file knocks something off sale, Shapeways needs to know about it so that they are aware of the problem.

    I've created a file of things to fix after the price increases kick in. Until then, I am not touching those items.
  9. Oskar_van_Deventer
    Oskar_van_Deventer Well-Known Member
    I get a bit tired from pushing Shapeways to correct their errors. And I am curious whether they keep their promise to notify ...
  10. adbinc
    adbinc Well-Known Member
    When I emailed customer service about mine, I got a note asking me to verify what triggered the review (I hope so they can work on not making so much work for their employees) and letting me know that my item had been fixed with the old prices back in effect.
  11. rue_d_etropal
    rue_d_etropal Member
    I am getting this randomly, with items that are very similar. Some go in OK,some come up with this message. It should not be customer service having to fix each item there is obviously a bug bug in the system that needs fixing, as it has only stared happening to me since the big upgrades to the system. I have also been having problems editing items, changed to different browser, and got round that problem, then get hit by this problem.
  12. adbinc
    adbinc Well-Known Member
    I *think* it is triggered by touching any product that has grandfathered prices. Adding a picture triggered mine. I am sure that changing a markup would trigger it. I suspect any activity which would use a "save" will trigger it, probably *before* actually clicking save.
  13. rue_d_etropal
    rue_d_etropal Member
    these are new items I am trying to upload.
    I am pretty certain it is a bug that has come in with the upgrade, possibly connected to the 'grandfathering', possibly the bug with deleted items, which they are meant to be fixing.
    Putting in such a large upgrade just before what must be the busiest time of year is crazy.
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  14. MrNibbles
    MrNibbles Well-Known Member
    I thought the plan was to give users a warning that certain changes would reprice, allowing you to abort the process. A lockout doesn't seem to make much sense unless they wanted a Triple Lindy warning procedure that involved customer service.

  15. rue_d_etropal
    rue_d_etropal Member
    As I said, it is not just older items caught up in 'grandfathering', but brand new items. As there is a known bug relating to not being able to re-insert items that have been deleted, I think there is definitely a bug in the system. You get the 'update Ok' message, immediately followed by the pending message.
  16. adbinc
    adbinc Well-Known Member
    rue_d_etropal, I've had no problems (knock on wood) uploading files or creating new products. (I last did that on November 25, so we'd be able to offer customers new ships on the Cyber Monday sale.) I'm not sure what is going on with totally new items if you are getting this message.
  17. rue_d_etropal
    rue_d_etropal Member
    it has only started happening a couple of days ago. Sometimes I can update items OK, others times not(in same login session). It started with the problem, reported elsewhere where editing is not working, which might be browser related as the person who reported it was also using Firefox. I switched browsers and this problem has now started.
  18. Model_Monkey
    Model_Monkey Well-Known Member
    SW customer service has been resolving this for me (several designs). Hopefully, the bug is fixed or being fixed.

    One more reason not to roll out big website changes as we enter the holiday shopping season.
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  19. Echoco
    Echoco Well-Known Member
    A model I uploaded yesterday got cleared today. However another model I've uploaded maybe a month ago and totally forgot about also got cleared at the same time.
  20. Oskar_van_Deventer
    Oskar_van_Deventer Well-Known Member
    Just received a reassuring email: "Hi Oskar, Our team has completed its review of your model Weird Disk 5x7. It is now available in your Shapeways shop and ready for sale. Have more questions? Send our service team an email - or just reply to this email. Best, Shapeways Team".

    If only there was also an option to reduce the production cost, and hence the selling price :);).