Printing Sterling Silver Stone Settings.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gratz, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Gratz
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    Has anyone experimented with printing bezel cups and prong settings in Sterling Silver, then trying to set a stone in it? If so, do you have any suggestions on the setting process or wall thickness issues? I'm mostly worried about being able to bend over the rim of the cup or the prong in the printed material. Any information would be beyond appreciated.
  2. Tigermoth
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    Gday Sam...I would also be interested to hear of peoples experiences with printing bezels/prongs for stone setting.
    Bezel thicknesses vary greatly depending on the stone and the design, but as the minimum wall thickness for sterling states .6mm and the wire for post setting is .8, so keeping in mind that bezel wire starts at .3 and the fact that not all stones are cut exactly the same, It might be worthwhile making the bezel separately.
    That said its still not impossible with these thicknesses, being able to print bezels would make a huge difference to workload.
    Once again, would love to hear from a SW-er who has successfully done so :)
  3. SGDesigns
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    Yeah, check out what I found online. Go big or go home right...? its pretty safe to say that the prongs holding up this purple puppy are thicker then1mm. This was not printed on Shapeways.... I just found it online and its given me an idea on a ring in this style. Completely different, but Gotti in appearance. Im waiting on a n13 carat red ruby for my design and looking for a green emerald round cut to make another ring. Its gonna be something Medusa would wear with the prongs being cobra snakes and the green emerald stone. Its gonna look nice...