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    I'd like to print a few creature figures from my film. I figured I would use the "white strong & flexible" plastic material (or would you suggest something else?), about 10-15cm tall... but this is my first time so there a few points I'm not sure about:

    -will these tiny insecty legs be able to support them? They will be about 3mm thick at some parts (I did some measurements)
    -will the tiny claws deform a bit (they are about 1-2mm thick, but at the very ends it's bellow one mm)
    -as I add some base blocks for them to stand on, can I just leave them as separate shell when exporting as STL, or do I need to make a nice and clean single mesh in Zbrush?
    -if I decide to make those larger body masses hollow to reduce costs, where do I place the cleaning holes?

    Thank you,
    looking forward to your answer.
    Here are some measurements for a 10cm figure:
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    Hi Smurfing Ghoul

    Your designs look pretty well suited for White Strong & Flexible. You won't have a problem with the Nylon breaking or the pieces standing up - standing up on their own will be more a question of their center of mass and balance.

    For the base block... if you leave it as a separate shell, and have that shell intersect with the main shell, our software will interpolate that and combine the two bodies - so you don't have to combine them yourself (you may want to, though, just to be sure)

    To hollow them out, you can put a 5mm hole at the very bottom. It looks like your legs, if they were hollow, would be too narrow for a lot of powder to escape - so you may want to add another escape hole somewhere on the body so the powder from the body can escape (just put it somewhere inconspicuous)

    The models are looking good!
    WiWa (