Printing Silver - production questions

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  1. AmLachDesigns
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    Hi everyone,

    I have some questions that I hope someone can answer relating to printing in silver:

    1. What is the material used to print the object used in the casting of the silver piece?

    2. When the sprue attachment is removed how is the polishing done, by hand, tumbling or ...?

    3. When you specify glossy finish, how is this achieved? Is this tumbling etc?

  2. Syncopator
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    I'm curious about this too-- if it's via tumbling, I would think it would have to be with some sort of sand or grit-- if so, what's the size of the grit? I would think this would define how small of a pocket could be polished, or how much of one, etc... I'd think one thing that would clarify this is if a piece with a sharp interior right-angle, what would happen as you get near the corner-- would you get a sharp cutoff in polish, or would it gradually taper off, etc...
  3. SGDesigns
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    Ive had some pieces done in silver and the part where the sprue was attached looked like it was manually leveled down and polished to blend in. Well done in my opinion.
    Silver glossy is achieved by the use of a tumbler but not sure what size or type of shot us used.
    They either polish the entire piece or none at all, but certain pockets or parts of the piece cant be localy polished, thats something done when you receive it.
    Sharpest detail is achieved with their standard silver material.