Printing Prototype Fem Results Model With Color.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by naruteoh123, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. naruteoh123
    naruteoh123 New Member
    Is it possible to print FEM results model like the image that I have attached below? This is for presentation purpose.

  2. mkroeker
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  3. kaadesign
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    The question might be:
    Is it possible, to save the status of the fem result as a colored file?
  4. ThreeForm
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    If that is a Solidworks simulation, you should be able to export as WRL (VRML 2.0) format, which can save color in each vertex. If there is not texture map for a WRL model, the vertex colors should print with the model. If the colors show in the preview render, it is a safe bet that it will work. One thing to note is that during format conversion, sometimes vertex colors switch to face colors, so sharp color boundaries may not be preserved perfectly (like on the edges of a cube). A model like the one you showed should be fine.