Printing In Pieces Or As Whole Parts?

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    I am making wall mounted busts my first two are pictured below. The dragon is still in the blocking out stage but it gets the idea across of all the parts that stick out.

    I don't have a lot of experience with printing larger/more complicated pieces so I was looking for advice on how to best optimize these guys for print? Eg. the tongue in the cat is a separate part - but should the ears be? The teeth?

    Each piece will likely be 4-5 inches in length (length = base of neck to tip of nose), the base of the necks will be 100% hollow I might add a small part to help them hang more securely on the plaque.

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  2. On the assumption that the entire piece is still within the bounding box limitations of the material you select....

    The cost difference in splitting off minor details into their own parts may not be cost efficient. Splitting the model so as to remove a large portion of the "interior" volume from the collected sub-models may be the way to go, but per-piece charges and the additional complication of assembling the final work may outweigh the savings to be had in splitting the model to begin with. Keep in mind that prints are not exactingly precise. Two halves of the same model may not fit together as intended, depending on print orientation, and whether all the pieces were printed in the same build volume.

    If you can afford it, and the machine will permit it, I'd be inclined to make each work as a single, complete part.