Printing height with White Strong and Flexible

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  1. DavidTsai
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    I got the material sample and noticed that with the White Strong and Flexible, the height of the diagram is 1.1 mm, however the actual is 1.35. Does the height always print higher by .25 consistently? Also, a side dimensioned as 10 was in reality 9.85.

    Is there a consistency in printing larger or smaller in certain directions/orientations?

  2. stop4stuff
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    WSF can have about 0.2mm variation if the part are printed on the 'small' printer. However, some parts I recently had printed that should have been 7.1mm diameter came in as a 6.8 x 7.4mm oval - it turned out that the parts were printed in the 'big' printer which has a bigger variation.

    Frosted Ultra Detail is the most accurate material, parts can be designed for a interferance fit.

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    Thanks Paul