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  1. Silverbeam
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    Hello! This is a vital topic for my business. I make very small dolls and a smooth surface is vital, and I cannot always sand because the details are so small I would loose them if I did.

    Now the Question is, How the model is uploaded and saved upon which axis is the way it is printed, or does shapeways rotate my model to fit in more objects into one printing session?

    If not then I just need to adjust my files, please let me know from which axis it prints from bottom to top, and if so, then is it possible to request that rotation is not allowed or at least have a say in which rotation? My dolls are expensive and I can not buy reprints on which the model was not printed as cleanly. And yet I do not want to send my clients dolls that look unclean or unfinished.

    I have tried detail materials but it is brittle and breaks easier, so all of my dolls have been printed using WSF.

    Anyone else have this problem? I notice one side of the printing is smooth and the other is very layered looking.

    Thank you, I would really appreciate a quick reply on this.
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  3. Bunrattypark
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    I could suggest to you, the same thing that was suggested to me, which is to 'vote' for specified print orientation at the link ck/suggestions/2543810-specify-print-orientation

    However, what good that does, I do not know. I would love a definitive answer as to whether Shapeways are genuinely considering this option or not in the future. If I order a crate of apples, I don't want half them to be oranges. Worse again if I advertise apples, and my customers receive oranges, without my even knowing.
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  4. Silverbeam
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    So even if I change the orientation of my object and upload, it is no guarantee?

    come on shapeways, this seems like a no brainer option that should have been implemented day one.

  5. pfeifferstylez
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    Your preferred orientation is not necessarily the most economic orientation.
    There's is a reason why you pay just for the volume.

    There are other 3D print services which offer control about the print orientation.
    You'll have to pay for the material, plus a fee depending on the height.
    Of course, usually they're much more expensive than Shapeways...
  6. Bunrattypark
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    That it costs more is understood.

    But this is good business, and these are good customers. What is not understood is why Shapeways won't even make a business offer for those who need specific print orientation.

    Don't Shapeways want to keep all those customers? It seems like quite a lot of people.
  7. BillBedford
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    Can some one tell me just how much you will be willing to pay for such a service? twice SW's prices? three times?

    Frankly I do not wish to see the service compromised by people who haven't understood that Shapeways produce, essentially, semi-finished items. While for some, functional, things the finish is not really important, but for anything that has fine detail or where the surface finish is important then I really don't see why anyone one would expect not to have to finish the items themselves.

    There are plenty of other companies out there who are willing to supply items with whatever orientation or surface finish is specified, but none of them will come anywhere near Shapeways' prices.
  8. Bunrattypark
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    Well, there's 82 votes for it at the last count. That's 82 votes for Shapeways to consider it, let us know if they are considering it, and if so, what price they might put on the privilege.

    All we want is to know. At the moment, it seems to be a hope of if they ignore us, we might go away. They've already lost a ton of my work, as my shop has been on hold for the past four months, and my customers keep asking when will my models be available again. I have another manufacturer lined up. The ball is in Shapeway's court.
  9. BillBedford
    BillBedford New Member
    Out of how many users exactly?

    If you had really found another company that could come close to matching Shapeways' prices you would be off there like a shot.
    So how much extra is this other manufacturer going to charge you?

  10. Bunrattypark
    Bunrattypark New Member
    Don't use the word bluff with me from behind your pc screen Mr. Bedford. Are you deliberately trying to be offensive? Why would you come on here to insult a complete stranger? Do you insult your shop customers too? How do you know I am not one?

    I am presently making small adjustments to my drawings to suit another manufacturer's requirements. A friend already had success with them, at a reasonable price, not too much dearer than Shapeways. I hope to have prototypes sometime in April. I am aiming for a public show end of April. In the meantime, I see no reason not to push Shapeways on a number of issues, to see where they might go with them.

    All I am asking Shapeways right now, is whether they are considering offering specified print orientation in the future, or whether they are not. Simple question. Yes or No.
  11. duann
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    Hey guys and gals,

    Yes, print orientation is something Shapeways will address in the future, we do not have a date at the moment.

    Thanks for your patience and good luck with all of your prints.
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    somebody forgot his meds today? :D