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  1. waltonscott
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    Is there any trick to printing columns (for example, a window pane)? All of the columns are square and 2.5 mm + in thickness, but when I print the model, it prints a very frail, spiral column.

    Any thoughts would be great

  2. AmLachDesigns
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    When you say 'window pane' that implies to me the actual glass, but then you talk about columns...

    The more info you can give the better, really:
    - what material are you printing in?
    - what software are you using?
    - any images you can share? Links to your model on SW? Files?
  3. waltonscott
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    Ah yes - I meant window Frame, not pane

    Printing PLA

    Using Skeinforge (50) with Replicator G. Tried infill between 30-100%, printing at 0.27 mm, 230 C, upgraded the extruder (spring and bearing), print rate of 88 mm/s (with 0.3 ratio for base and perimeter layers).

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  4. AmLachDesigns
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    Sorry, can't help. I use Shapeways services and they use sintering printers.

    Have you tried a specific forum for your printer?