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  1. GJEngelman
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    I have a design and need printed threds on both the male and the female part. Size of the thread is 2.00 in in Dia. What would be a sutable thread for this? I was thinking of a very course one. Does anyone have any experance with this or any insight.



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  2. FreeRangeBrain
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    Machinery's Handbook is a great resource for thread forms. At the 2-inch size you have a wide range of choices: Vee thread (common bolts use this type), Square thread, Acme thread, Stub Acme thread, Buttress thread, Hose coupling thread, and Pipe thread - both straight and tapered.

    Seeing as how you're printing this, you could also make your own thread form - even something impossible to make with conventional methods.
  3. GJEngelman
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    Thanks, lol, need to find my handbook. just moved and things are still a mess. I like the though of doing my own, just was woundering what others had in the way of successs.

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  4. denali3ddesign
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    I printed this one recently in WSF - worked great.

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