Printability Check Returns Blank

Discussion in 'ShapeJS' started by cafe1, Oct 30, 2016.

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    I'm new here and shapeJS (but not new to other programming languages and 3D).

    I wrote a shapeJS script and it's successfully rendered. But when I hit the CHECK MODEL, after a while, it returns blank for three values like:
    Voxel size
    Number of regions
    Largest region

    My two questions are:
    Does the blank mean "the object is not printable"?
    How can I determine the cause and correct it?

    I cannot disclose the script due to the license agreement. It has a structure like:
    var u1 = new Union();
    for ( ... ) {
    u1.add( sub1( ... ) );
    return new Scene(u1, new Bounds( ... ));

    The function sub1() returns an object made from some primitive objects.
    The result is fine (shows all 3 values) when the loop count is small enough, but blank when the count is larger than about 40.

    I would appreciate any information
    Thank you