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    I am working on a new taillight for my Radio Control car and need to print a lens for it in Fine Detail Plastic. The problem is that when I upload the lens and look at it in my cart I see "Print It Anyway". I assume that means I need to have supports for my model to print properly so I have tried multiple different modifications to the lens to remove the "Print It Anyway" designation but I just cant figure it out!

    I would prefer not printing the lens in multiple pieces so I am looking for someones advice on what I can do to get this to work or get me started in the right direction.

    Thank you in advance!

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  2. stonysmith
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    No, PIA has nothing to do with supports.
    If for some reason your geometry is marginal, then PIA allows you to chose to take the risk of a failed print.
    But, looking at it, there's nothing wrong with your model, and it should print correctly the first time, as long as you select one of the plastics. It would have issues in Sandstone.

    Note: your model does have two open "holes" on the outside of each long surface. The Shapeways upload software will fix those with no problems.
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    I don't have the appropriate software to view your file to the extent I would like (my problem not yours!), but I can see a couple of things that might have caused the Shapeways software to question the file.

    One is the wedge shape to the edges of the wings. That less than 90° corner will show as questionable for being too thin.

    The other is that I can see a lot of edges that pass through a solid volume. The rounded corners of the rectangular ring have many lines breaking the bottom surface of the ring into triangles with one apex all the way to the opposite corner and each edge of those long, narrow triangles pass through the "wing" that hangs down from the ring. There is also a line (in what I can see of the drawing using MeshLab) creates a surface with one of the triangle sides... Thus there are a dozen surfaces all occupying the same space. Shapeways software should eliminate them, but I have found that when there are many overlapping surfaces, sometimes the bots don't like them.

    I always "waste" an awful lot of time searching all of my items for overlapping surfaces and edges (lines) that divide a flat surface into two sections. I even zoom "inside" solid objects and delete any lines that pass through or into them... But if that breaks something, I make sure the line actually junctures with the surface of the solid area so I don't delete the line that is outside of the solid when I remove the line inside the solid.

    I say 'Waste" my time, because I think the Shapeways software deletes or just ignores such extras, but I do sometimes find that I do not have as clean of an object as I could have... sometimes deleting a line that divides a flat contiguous surface will cause the surface on both sides of that line to disappear and that tells me that the surface is not as flat as I thought, and that often means I have some problem on one or more edges that I only thought were parallel to the opposite edge of the surface. Close (and I mean VERY CLOSE) examination sometimes finds that I didn't get all the edges to meet at a corner and I have some hole in the surface that I can't see until I zoom way in to the corner.

    So maybe it is not "wasted time", after all, but sometimes I don't spend enough time making sure I get edges to really meet at a corner while I am in the throes of creativity or I don't get junk removed because I am to busy thinking of the next part of the object. Those things can mask some problem that is there, but I can't "see" when looking at the object as a whole.. Although that "junk" should not be a problem, removing it can reveal a problem... besides, cleaning the drawing up will make my file smaller, reducing transmission and processing time.