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  1. ChristianH
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    Did you manage to estimate how much this would cost before uploading the model to your shop?

    A wild guess is 'NO', so you had to spend an hour or so to complete the design and upload it to get any kind of clue.
    Apparently it's some kind of new wonderful opaque pricing scheme being implemented. What do I know.... could be a baseless rumor. :rolleyes:o_O

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  2. MrNibbles
    MrNibbles Well-Known Member
    Actually since it's based on an existing design and a CustomMaker product (that may or not be working) the price is about the same as other variations except for the small differences in material/machine space costs. However it's already too expensive to be a decent selling product and it's just going to get worse I assume. Get them while you can at the cheaper price!
  3. lawrencekramer2014
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  4. Ngineer
    Ngineer Well-Known Member
    That can't be right, it's too cheap! Either the dimensions are wrong, or the pricing algorithm has taken a vodka.
  5. Ngineer
    Ngineer Well-Known Member
    I thought this was it, but Shapeways managed to amaze me some more! I downloaded the holiday readiness guide, and was contacted by Shapeways. They offered me my shop could be "featured", all I had to do was pay a mere $1500 !!!!
    I've pretty much had it with Shapeways now.
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  6. nervoussystem
    nervoussystem Member there a quick way to turn all of our models public and for sale? (Like a spreadsheet or something?) I have 9 years of models to deal with. I am panicking to have just found out about this change today and have the holiday season about to begin. Why is grandfathered pricing is only given to models that are for sale in a shop?
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  7. Roolz
    Roolz Well-Known Member
    Aren't you a tad stingy ? I'm quite sure you can make this with your markups in 2 days... err months... err years...
  8. mkroeker
    mkroeker Well-Known Member
    Well, they are quite obviously looking for cash now and probably looked at what others charge for ads or SEO. It isn't liike they are asking for the money "coz it would be sad if something bad happened to your nice shop"
  9. Ngineer
    Ngineer Well-Known Member
    Because they seem to be desperate for cash?

    No, I believe the mail did not come from Fat Tony...
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  10. MrNibbles
    MrNibbles Well-Known Member
    I'm 99% sure that only model updates will trigger a price update. Back on page 2 according to SW,

    It's not clear if models that are not associated with a product will remain immune to price updates on Oct. 22 but I'm assuming they will not be affected until 2019 unless you update the model, either with an upload or wall thickening/scaling. I wouldn't mind a clarification from SW on what scenarios will trigger price updates. In the meantime I'm focused on updating models now that need some fixes or changes.
  11. Ngineer
    Ngineer Well-Known Member
    Keep in mind that the old pricing will only be in place until sometime after christmas as far as I understand. So it may not be worth all that effort in the first place.
  12. MrNibbles
    MrNibbles Well-Known Member
    There might be some designers that would benefit from that type of thing. I am most certainly not one of them since I don't seem to have ever identified a niche that would support a meaningful 3D printing business. I'd be worried about newbies seeing that and thinking that their fantastic ideas are going to generate enough sales to pay back such an investment in a reasonable time frame.

    If this type of SW support works they might expand it out to the traditional shops, or limited to certain products within a shop, using some kind of direct fee or additional percentage based cost for each item ordered. They need to do something to weed out the uploaded fluff from actual useful products so they don't advertise $500 sphere test uploads and whatnot. But before they do that they would need to get basic things like updating renders and CustomMaker reliably functional.
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  13. IntelXeon
    IntelXeon Well-Known Member
    would take me 1 and a half year to earn those 1500 usd back.. no thanks, i rather spend that on something more *usefull*
  14. arklite
    arklite Member

    Back on page 1 Mitchell answered this one. The model has to be "public and for sale" to be grandfathered, all "private" items will be subject to the increase on the 22nd.

    Unfortunately for people like me that print their own models but don't typically sell them, that means just about everything of mine will increase considerably.
  15. MrNibbles
    MrNibbles Well-Known Member
    I'd still like a clarification on exactly what they are doing. I'm not convinced they really know yet for sure. I don't see why something that's not public but for sale would be treated differently. The market place will become quite a mess if a lot of people turn on all their offline products using a random category just in case they might want to buy something over the next few months.
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  16. Ontogenie
    Ontogenie Well-Known Member
    A bargain at twice the price! :p But seriously, Shapeways social media and SEO have been ineffective for a while now and being featured brings you very little in the way of sales (my experience, yours may vary). Shapeways simply doesn't have the marketing chops to pull this off. Have you ever seen a Shapeways commercial on your teevee? Sink your hard-earned cash into an advertising budget outside of Shapeways and you'll probably be better off.
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  17. crashtestdummy
    crashtestdummy Well-Known Member
    I'm not sure I can keep up with the price hikes much less make a profit. Went to look at the price of a Stratasys J750 printer and see if its just cheaper to buy a printer and found their pricing is just as opaque as the Shapeways. I'm wondering if the new pricing algorithm is really just not a random number generator and the only change is to increase the range of the generator.

    The thing that is the scariest thing is were the companies most loyal base, and were unhappy on so many points, what do the hatters think?
  18. crashtestdummy
    crashtestdummy Well-Known Member
    If you got some free time...,+NY&tk=1cpq76tupah5e803&from=web&vjs=3


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  19. Roolz
    Roolz Well-Known Member
    If I remember correctly the J750 is around 250k€. Plus the consumables.
  20. So, while rushing to get all of my own models that aren't gonna be put up for public sale (they are for me only) before the price changes occur, I am somewhat glad that the prices for current marketplace items are staying the same until 2019. but I have one question: the shipping costs are changing too? I am most concerned about the price for shipping to the UK changing, as it was only a year ago that you guys effectively halved the shipping there (which was great, I found myself ordering ten times as much!). Is the UK shipping going up in price considerably? Right now it's $5.99, I'm concerned it will go back up to it's previous price (which was about $13.50 iirc).