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  1. barkingdigger
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    Don't worry Alan, I'm not optimising or designing a single thing until you lot finish tinkering and publish details about how the various parameters work. At the moment it simply isn't worth risking my time. Any idea when you plan to have the formula revision finished?
  2. AlanHudson
    AlanHudson Shapeways Employee Dev Team
    We expect this to take a few weeks to fix, then we'll have a review period before we make it live.
  3. avim
    avim Shapeways Employee Product Team
    • Priority = Economy pricing + 30%
    • Rush = Economy pricing + 50%
    We have some information on Rush here.

    I have also attached a material guide that includes lead times information inside of it. We'll work on incorporating the information in these into our materials guides on the website.

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  4. Greaseball
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    Thanks. I was just trying to figure out if I needed to wrap my head around something completely new. I have a decent idea how to find my way based on the fundamental pricing components.
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    Throughout all of the pricing changes over the last year I've never gotten any email notifications about them in advance. The only way I get notified is if I subscribe to the official announcements forum page and get notified when a new thread is created there (which half the time is still added within half an hour of the pricing updates so there's still no advance warning), or if I logon to order something and realize the price changed. Given the nature of the changes, it just seems like something that should get a dedicated email or something, especially for those who might not have found the forums and subscribed to email notifications about them, at least a day or so before the pricing changes are made so they can compensate. This is especially relevant for people like myself who sell on other platforms like Etsy and need to go through and modify prices every time they're changed here.
  6. avim
    avim Shapeways Employee Product Team
    Fully agreed on this. Unfortunately the system wasn't historically set up this way so marketing and critical updates are tracked on the same list, and if someone opts out of one or for some reason can't receive one (eg. provider blacklists the domain) the other will be blocked as well. We're changing that soon though, so critical updates are opted into separately.
  7. Sloris
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    Hi Avi! Thanks for your response and the info. Maybe I missed it, but in the materials guide you attached all I see is the production times we now have to pay for. I didn’t see any economy production times listed. When you update the website will it have all the different production times listed? Thanks :)
  8. Andrusi
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    Looking at the page for Versatile Plastic, I have to concur with barkingdigger that this seems to be telling me things I already know. In fact, I know more than it's telling me, because I know from experience that the most intuitively compact arrangement might not be the one Shapeways considers to have the least "machine volume."

    Specific information that seems to be missing:

    How these two are weighted relative to each other, and at least rough guidelines on how "machine volume" works.

    What actual difference this makes. (e.g. does a model with two parts cost the same as two separate models?)

    Which of these are affected by something the user does. (Obviously the price differences between types of Versatile Plastic fall into this category, but I have no way of knowing if, for instance, larger models cost more to process and/or dye, other than experimentally.)
  9. avim
    avim Shapeways Employee Product Team
    Economy is a little difficult to quantify because it comes down to how much is ahead of your order in our queue. There is a range. Rush and Priority effectively jump the queue to guarantee receipt by a certain time. Economy could also be quick to manufacture during a slower time period, but isn't guaranteed. Different materials also play a role, as some take longer than others to process.

    To be safe, assume that Economy may take up to 10 business days longer than Priority to manufacture.

    I also want to be clear that we're simply talking about manufacturing speeds here, not delivery speeds. Delivery speed is entirely separate from manufacturing speeds and outside of our control, based on customer location and delivery options that they choose.
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  10. avim
    avim Shapeways Employee Product Team
    That's valid feedback. We should address this to be more clear. We're also putting together a list of design tips for each material that should help users understand how to factor in these parts.
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