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  1. Chassoz
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    I saw an HO Scale truck just listed at over 500 Euros!
    Is this an error?
    Even 50 Eu. would be hefty and restrict buying.
    Surely Shapeways would give advice to shops on pricing.
    How does Shapeways work out a price?
  2. stop4stuff
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  3. TomZ
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    3D printing has rather particular pricing. It is based on the volume used in the model.
    Because of this, it is common to make models hollow so there is no material on the inside. So something that had the shape of a 8cm cube would use about 50cc of material.
    However, if an inexperienced designer would make the same cube but would forget to make it hollow, it would have a volume of over 500cc.

    Because pricing is linear in volume, the solid cube would cost 10 times as much as the hollow one. When I looked on the site I found one H0 scale truck with a price tag of $2000 and indeed, it looks like it has not been hollowed out.

    It is up to designers to properly optimize their models for 3D printing and if they don't, these are the prices that show up. Of course, designers can set their own markups (which Shapeways does not in any way control) on top of the price of the model.