Pricing of FCS vs WSF, something is wrong

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  1. When a model first shows up on the ordering page, the default material is WSF. Recently I've been ordering models in FCS, and I just noticed that the prices for these two materials are quite close to each other ($72 vs $64 for instance). WSF is listed at $1.40/cm3 and FCS is $0.75/cm3, so FCS should be almost half the price of WSF. What am I missing here? ...Jeff
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    Hi, could it be related to the discount on WSF?

    "There is also a volume discount on models with a volume greater than 20cm3 and density higher than 10%. After the first 20cm3, the remaining volume is calculated with a 50% discount."

    And FCS handling fee is $3 instead of WSF's $1.50.

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  3. Thank you, I plugged the numbers into a spreadsheet and this is the reason, exactly. I was not aware of this discount for WSF...Jeff