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    Due to the nature of our models, there is a great amount of variation in volume.
    We have real difficulties to define a max. volume which would[list type=a]
    [*] allow us to maintain a reasonable consumer price
    [*] leave us with the flexibilty to deliver on every customer order
    The story behind it:

    We had received a co-creator order with a motif which was difficult to press into the previously defined max. volume. At the time we received the notification, there was no way for us to retroactively adjust the max volume for this specific order, no way for us to say:
    Ok we'll process this model anyway with a larger volume and togive in on the markup...

    We were completely stuck, forced to tweak the material thickness and guess what, Shapeways cancelled the order with all the negative consequences for the customer, the possible bad press for Shapeways and us, etc. etc.

    Bottom line:
    The current pricing model

    consumer price =
    (fixed max. volume * price per volume unit) + fixed markup

    is really not suitable for us. We would strongly prefer something like

    consumer price =
    (actual volume * price per volume unit) + variable markup

    equivalent to
    variable markup =
    consumer price - (actual volume * price per volume unit)

    In essence, we are absolutely prepared to give in on the markup for certain orders, not only to avoid the hassle of cancelled orders, the impact on the customer and the negative impressions that it leaves on them.

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