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How much of your order is from a different modeler?

  1. <$5

  2. $5-$10

  3. $10-$25

  4. $25-$50

  5. $50-$100

  6. >$100

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  1. rawkstar320
    rawkstar320 New Member
    Hey everyone, I was just thinking about pricing on Shapeways, and I decided to make a poll.

    The reason I thought of this is because I have some rings on my shapeways shop with a markup of about $1-$2. I was checking out other rings that are simpler (but still very cool) that cost $20+ dollars. So, should I be charging that much for my rings? I have sold a few, but I know that I personally would have a hard time paying for them at the $20 mark because they are so small. Or should people be charging less for their rings so that they can sell more of them.

    This is just one example of things ive seen, mostly because its the easiest to realize the markup on a small model.

    Let me know what you think, and be sure to leave comments below. I think this could be beneficial to all Shapeways members because we will all know how we should price our models.

    Some other things that I think would be interesting to know:

    1.) How many items do you order from other modelers?
    2.) What would you consider you "budget" for other models?
    3.) Why to you choose to buy someone elses model? (Useful, Cool, too hard to make yourself..etc)
    4.) How did you find the models that you purchased? (cruising the gallery, homepage exposure, shops, outside website, etc)

    I dont want people to post info they would deem as "private" and I dont want people to think that I am trying to get private information. I am just really interested to see what people (in general) are willing to spend so we can grab some basic demographics and price our models accordingly.

    Thanks everyone!
    (feel free to add more Polls to this thread, i can think of 10 more that I want to post. haha)
  2. virtox
    virtox Active Member Moderator
    Please choose the closest one, to see what kind of ball-park we're in ;)

    As to your question :
    Kinda depends on the ring I guess, who's to say the markup on $20 rings is that much more ?
    A stainless steel ring at 2cc is not that far fetched I think ?

    I personally have a very limited budget, so little room to order from other shops, but I do occasionally treat myself to such gifts :)
    My most recent order from another shop was a little over $25.

    Ordered, because I just really liked the model.
  3. rawkstar320
    rawkstar320 New Member
    I havent actually hit the $30 mark this year working on it.
  4. virtox
    virtox Active Member Moderator
    Hmm yes, it's very hard work isn't it ;)

    According to the paypal-emails we get, some people are apparently way up there in sales, hence I added the ludicrous multi-zero options ;)

    Last month was reasonably good to me, but I do seem to suffer from an incredible drop in sales this month; I only sold one model :laughing:
    I could think of a million reasons why, but wondering how do others fair in the current months compared to previous ? Do others have a steady stream of sales, or is it also erratic?

  5. dadrummond
    dadrummond Member
    Small numbers, but surprisingly steady, averaging one sale per week.

    The pricing sensitivity is very clear. The model that gives me the most personal satisfaction, and that I'm most proud of, is also $149; I've sold one. The model I made because people kept asking for a less expensive model (although it did turn out really well after a couple revisions) sells for $23, and I've sold seven. No surprises about the ratio, I'm sure.

    Since I never really set out to sell anything -- I'm only doing it because Shapeways is kind of set up to encourage selling -- anything more than zero sales makes me happy. No marketing costs, no administrative costs; how bad could that be?
  6. rawkstar320
    rawkstar320 New Member

    I was thinking down the lines of making sure models werent overpriced, because we want as many people to be able to get what they want. And we dont want stuff underpriced, because there is no point in getting less than you deserve(well...that statement was a tad loose..but work with me..)

    And finally...

    the more people that are able to buy stuff, the more money Shapeways makes, the more money we make, the more materials that are offered, the cheaper materials are offered, the more happy people that are in the world. :) right?


    Ive always tried to keep my models under the $25 mark so that they were most affordable, but I was curious to see if i should be charging more. As of now, my highest markup is $6.
  7. rawkstar320
    rawkstar320 New Member
  8. jeff
    jeff New Member
    good poll, its helpful that some members are open to this discussion. I'm slowly getting some items in my shop that i think are cool, but I'm struggling to even get any ratings. it'll come i slowly i guess.
  9. rawkstar320
    rawkstar320 New Member

    Im not really getting the participation that I hoped for though. Which is why I was hoping that at some point, shapeways would put out a survey and maybe release some of that info to shop owners.

    I only recently started getting ratings....and its only because i have been pushing my custom iPod Case so hard on Facebook and Twitter. (Feel free to become a fan or follow either of those. :) )

    Still, not very many sales. I only recently broke the $30 in markups, so I am hoping to get a payment next month. I think as i get more followers, convince more people that Shapeways is legit, that I can sell more (oh, and i need more stuff too. )

    Anyways, thanks for participating!
  10. joris
    joris New Member
    These surveys are great. We could release more info (not everything though because some info we could not or would not want to).

    What answers would you guys be most interested in?
  11. TomZ
    TomZ New Member
    On my markup overview, I'd like to see a customer identity. I know you guys can't disclose the actual name, so here's an alternative:
    Take the username, append a password and take the first five tokens of the MD5 hash of that. That way, you'd have a non-reversible user identification string. This would allow shop owners to track returning customers without disclosing their identity.
    Country would also be nice. Just for kicks. I'm very proud I have customers in Russia, Australia, the States, Norway, Hungary, Germany... That's just from my private sales, but I'd like to know about my shop sales as well.

    Other than that, I would like to get some basic statistics about my shop. How many visitors and hits do I have, where are my customers referred from? Which products are most popular?
    And on the order overview, seeing the referring website attached to the sales would also be nice.
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  12. Magic
    Magic Well-Known Member
    To Joris: I think it would be interesting for all shop owners to know the average price of the items that have been sold only, on Shapeways.
    This would help us to understand if we have a price tag too high or too low (in average).
    And also the average markup for items that have been sold.
    Once again, it would be help full to understand if we aim the wrong direction.

    I did this calcultion recently for my shop and, the average price of the items I sold is $10 (excluding taxes) and my average markup (excluding taxes) is 20%.
    I was quite surprise of the nearly "round" result for the average price, because I always try to have nearly round prices but with the prices including taxes :)

    We could also do a poll on those topics although even for our own shops, getting this figures is not easy since we do not have a column with the item price in the Excel file...

  13. joris
    joris New Member
    That would be interesting but not tell you the whole story.

    Some items tend to sell well because they showcase a material well and both low cost and high cost items do well depending on how they are positioned.

    For example: a person might pay a $30 mark up for an art piece but not for a character. So I don't know if thats the right thing to be tracking.

    We could also do: number of first time buyers? Or focus on conversion ratios: what percentage of the people that visited your page bought?
  14. rawkstar320
    rawkstar320 New Member
    Joris: That is a good point about the high priced art items.

    It really makes sense to me, that a more artsy item would sell for more.

    Info wise:
    - it would be nice to see the number of visitors to our shop
    - Where they were refereed from (web link)
    - some info regarding WHO purchased WHAT (even if it was a tag or we can see return buyers)
    - What about (instead of an overal average markup), a price breakdown that went by Category, and price range.

    So, for example...

    Models in the "Puzzles" Category between $0-$100 showed a markup of $XX - $YY and make up TT% of this category.

    Maybe that is more info than Shapeways is willing to give..but i figured i would include everything so you can trim out what you want.

    On that note, if something of that nature was done - what about a monthly sales report site wide? It wouldnt reflect total dollars of course, or maybe it couldnt have any dollars. But it could show if Puzzles sold more last month than Characters.

    Thanks for helping out Joris!
  15. Magic
    Magic Well-Known Member
    Sure, I was speaking about an average, but an histogram (a curve showing the sales amount depending on the sale price) would be more interesting. For example if there is a pick at $10 but also at $200, perhaps I will dare doing an object at $200, because I know there can be a purchaser :)

    Rawkstar320 for the details by categories, I am afraid we will have the problem of the model belonging to more than one category than would prevent us from any comparison (if you have a Rubik's cube with the shape of Omer Simpson it will be a Characer and a Puzzle thus you cannot really say if Puzzles sold more than Characters if some items are counted twice)...
  16. rawkstar320
    rawkstar320 New Member
    I thought about that, of course, if there was a rule saying that a model could only belong to say, 3 categories...maybe that would cut down that margin or error?

    I suppose my thinking was that there are so many different models out there selling, it would be helpful to know if a $10 Puzzle sells more times than a $5 character.