Pricing after model upload going all over the place...

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by UsefulIdiotDesign, Dec 12, 2012.

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    I have no idea what is going on here but I'll just gove a quick run-down.

    I uploaded the model, I set the material pricing and it just keeps giving me different numbers everytime I go to my shop. Also, when I select which materials I want this model available in, it resets them everytime I go back and visit the part in the shop. I just gave up and set it to be available in just the default material and it still showed the wrong price.

    What gives? Is the site just slow to update? Is shapeways re-configuring the cost to make as I'm setting it?

    Things always seem to straighten out after a while, it did this with my first part too but it just seems as if certain functions here seem to run real slow and glitchy. Or is it just me?

    Update from 2 minutes ago... I just logged out and went to my shop and the product is showing the correct price but it is still showing other materials. I would like to have all of the "strong and flexible" materials available to this product but some of the others I don't need.

    I don't intend to be a pain, still happy that this place exists but I'm just trying to find a rhythm here when it comes to shop usage.
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  2. stop4stuff
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    Depending on which country your IP address resolves to, whether you are logged in or not and if you are viewing the model page or the edit page can throw up a combination of different prices.

    For a USA resident.
    When logged in they will see;
    the base model price (plus whatever markup)* on the edit page.
    the base model price* on the model page and in My Models.
    When logged out they will see;
    the model price plus markup* on the model page.
    *Priced in USD (the base currency for Shapeways pricing system and the currency that Shapeways pay shop owners in)

    For a EU member state resident;
    When logged in they will see;
    the base model price (plus whatever markup)** on the edit page.
    the base model price PLUS local VAT** on the model page and in My Models.
    When logged out they will see;
    the model price plus markup plus local VAT** on the model page.
    **Priced in Euros - a fluctuating price depending upon what Shapeways have set the exchange rate to.

    [edit] and to add, after changing the material availability you must click 'Update Materials & pricing' and wait for the page to refresh for the changes to stick.

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  3. stannum
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    Close but not cigar, Europe is taken as a continent, not based in political or currency frontiers. And VAT is far from being the local rate. Try it, log out and test different shipping countries.

    Switzerland, Norway, Turkey or Russian Federation, to mention four, are not in the European Union (and of course, not in Eurozone, they have local currency). They just have part or all of the land in Europe-the-continent, so anybody there doesn't pay VAT (as law says) but is forced to pay in Euros without option to select Dollars, so they get the fluctuation. Wait... Kyrgyzstan is Asia, but pays in euros... here theory starts to fall apart.

    About VAT (EU thing only), UK gets charged 20% (local rate) and products are paid in euros (UK is in EU, but not Eurozone, still using pounds) and Germany get charged 19% (local rate) and pays in Euros, but Luxembourg gets charged 21% when the local VAT is 15%, and Hungary gets charged 21% when local is 27%. For a long time many if not all countries were paying Netherlands' VAT, now it seems two pay local rate (Germany, UK), others not (Denmark, Austria, Finland, Poland, France ...) and others are impossible to know what is going on (local VAT is 21%, Spain, Belgium), and everyone has to pay in Euros (and as Teebe? calculated, bite the bullet and lose from markups around 3-5% in bank ops waste).
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    wOw - I didn't realise it was that bad.