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    Prices are per cm3 per material,

    Unfortunately your model is private so we cannot see it.

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    yup. cubic centi meter. which adds up REALLY fast. think about a box, ten centimeters on each side. well, it's volume, even if hollow and with walls 1 cm thick would still be 600 cm3, if my math is right. that's a 4 inch block. see how that ads up really quick?
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    Hello, try it now, I've made it public:

    Do I understand that a hollow 10 centimeter cube with a wall thickness of 1 millimeter would be 10 X 10 X .1 X 6 X $2.50 = $150 USD ? If it's not hollow, it would be $2500 USD.

    How thin can the walls be? (You can see I'm an economical guy :D )

    What is the need to create two 4 centimeter holes in hollow objects?

    Thanks for your input Shapeways!

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    The required thickness all depends on the material ranging from .3mm up to 3mm.

    The holes in hollow objects are required for removal of build material. Inside still needs build material to support the solid shell, and that has to be removed before shipping.
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