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    hello first off, this is some great stuff you guys are doing, not sure if its just me but i find it hard to work out the price, i saw it said volume*material cost but knowere does it tell you the volume of the designs is there no way you can work out the volume from the 3d file and have it displayed maybe even have some way to display the final prices for a design in all materials. Just some thoughts.
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    Once you've uploaded the 3D file to this site (and size etc are ok), then you'll find that information if you put your item into the shoping basket. Two remarks though. In the shoping basket you'll need to set a material. And two, you'll need to set the model to status finished (this can be done in the upload dialog).

    If you want to check the volume before uploading, you'll need the analytical tool in whatever program you're using (e.g. for Rhino it would be analyse > mass properties > volume)

    You'll find the price per cm3 here:
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    I was woundering, in the order section, it says "Since the minimum order amount is $25, you can order for an additional $25.00 without paying extra.". Dose this mean that i am able to order an item that would normally cost 50 for only 25?
    If not, please explain in detail.
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    Uhm no; you probably had an object of $0 in your shopping cart at that time. I just tested this with an order of $6.88 and the text changed into:

    "Since the minimum order amount is $25, you can order for an additional $18.12 without paying extra."

    Hope that helps!


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    Yea that makes more sense, thanks for the explanation.