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  1. robhare
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    For my first model , i experimented with something simple . A box 100mm by 100mm with a small hole .
    Just to test the process.
    The price given is rather large $ 625 . I see some other models for sale at $ 5 . How can this be?
  2. mkroeker
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    Simple - the $5 models you saw are probably much smaller than 10x10x10cm and/or do not have
    such massive walls. Pricing is per volume of material used, and you would normally choose a wall size of a few millimeters
    at most, while your test case looks to be at least a centimeter thick in its thinnest regions.
    If you really need something resembling this test case, make it hollow.
    (That said, there are a few models here that cost more than $600 - e.g. designer lampshades.)

    EDIT: clarify per volume of material used
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  3. Mhagan
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    Shapeways only charges based on volume of part, complexity is free. Solid or nearly solid cubes like you describe are always going to be extremely expensive for their size and if this is what you want, we would be happy to print it for you but it can probably be made cheaper and faster by hand or with some simple power tools. If you want to reduce cost, try making the model hollow and see how it effects the cost.

    My advice to you is to let your imagination run wild and make the craziest and most complex thing you can think of and try uploading those things. You will see that more interesting complex items that are larger many times cost less than a simple solid cube or sphere.
  4. lensman
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    And just to complicate things more for you, if you plan on printing in Ceramic then DON'T hollow out your model - it will be MUCH more expensive if you do since cost is calculated on surface area...

  5. AmLachDesigns
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    But if you make a non-hollow ceramic model it cannot be more than 15mm thick...

    I would like the option of creating hollow models that are only glazed on the outside (assuming I am only charged for the glazed area, of course). Apart from saving me money, I could make a wider range of models, and there would be general benefits in less material being used and less fuel in the transportation.
  6. trishycakes
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    For something that large you might actually need 2 escape holes for it to properly register your volume. The wall thickness has been said by others too which greatly affects price.