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  1. jonemo
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    I'm a little confused about the meaning of the bounding box parameters of the price API endpoint: http://developers.shapeways.com/docs?li=dh_docs#POST_-price- v1

    The (required) parameters are:

    Through testing I have determined that the *Min and *Max parameters for each pair must be different, i.e. xBoundMin != xBoundMax.

    The models for which I need to know the price all just have one bounding box. What is the meaning of these parameters in the context of requesting the price for one model?
  2. stonysmith
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    If you set xboundMin=0 and xboundMax=(width of your item) then it should work.

    OR.... let's say your item was a 2mm cube centered around the point {100,100,100}
    You could enter xboundMin=99 xboundMax=101

    The min/max setting are designed to all you to run a loop across all the vertexes in your model and get the min/max values without having to try to center it on the origin.
  3. jonemo
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    Ah, that makes sense! I assume though that the center point makes no difference in the price calculation, correct?

    Continuing to work on this, I noticed that the information returned from /printers/v1 also includes the same parameters, for eample:

    {"printerId":"1","title":"Somatech FDM","xBoundMin":"0.2500","xBoundMax":"25.0000","yBoundMin":"0.2500","yBoundMax":"25.0000","zBoundMin":"0.1000","zBoundMax":"30.0000"}
    It appears that in these results the *BoundMax parameters alone define the max bounding box. Depending on the printer, the *BoundMin seems to be equal to the minimum wall thickness or the minimum Bounding Box dimensions (using the information on shapeways.com/materials as a reference). Can you clarify what exactly these return values mean?

    In addition to that: Any chance you could include all design constraints (min wall thickness, min bounding box length, etc) in the info returned by the API?

    Edit: One more thing: Why are the dimensions for the *BoundMax parameters in meters and for the *BoundMax return values centimeters?
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  4. jlevine
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    Hey guys,

    This is the min and max bounds of the printer in centimeters.

    Here is an example of how we use the data:

        foreach (array($dx, $dy, $dz) as $bound) {
          if (
            $bound < $printer->getXBoundMin()
            && $bound < $printer->getYBoundMin()
            && $bound < $printer->getZBoundMin()
          ) {
            $problems[] = self::TOO_SMALL;
          } elseif (
            $bound > $printer->getXBoundMax()
            && $bound > $printer->getYBoundMax()
            && $bound > $printer->getZBoundMax()
          ) {
            $problems[] = self::TOO_BIG;
    This is a good question - we are looking to standardize all input parameters to centimeters, but some of our functions still operate on meters. When we are ready, we'll roll out a v2 of the endpoints in meters and those will operate in centimeters.