Price only shown in Euros, no dollars, and other problems

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by TOM_TOM_TOM, Aug 26, 2012.

    TOM_TOM_TOM Well-Known Member
    Price in the model page for customers is only shown in Euros, no options for other currencies, like US dollars. I set my price in dollars. The price also doesn't breakdown the costs. I have my price at $139. It shows the German cost as 134 euros which is confusing. It should be 111 euros + VAT.

    Also, I'm having problems with creating tags. When I make a list of about 15 tags, only the first 5 or 7 will be recorded. when I exit edit mode, I see the last half are missing, I have to go back to edit mode, enter the missing ones, and only the first 5 of those I enter again will show. I have to keep going back and forth until all of them are recorded.

    Also, I'm having problems entering captions for the photos. When I add something like 3 photos, I add one caption to one of them, and then I'm unable to edit the captions of the other photos. I have to exit edit mode, and enter it again to be able to get the type cursor enter the caption box of the other photos.

    Also, when I upload 3 photos, the one I select as default automatically gets a caption that says "click to edit". It will not go away. I have to delete the photo and upload it again to get the caption to disappear.

    Same with captions that are deleted, the gray box stays in the caption area. I have to delete the photo and upload it again to get rid of it.
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  2. shim
    shim New Member
    I have the same problem - prices in USD are all gone. Most of my customers are from US, so I'd like to see the price that they will pay.
    Also, because the material price is still bound to USD, it is not clear how the EUR-price is calculated (there's no exchage rate given).
  3. stonysmith
    stonysmith Well-Known Member Moderator
    When I look at either of the shops above, I see USD.

    The price you see is determined by the country you selected in your user profile for your Shipping Address.
  4. shim
    shim New Member
    Well I was sure the users from USA see dollars, but how can I see dollars being registered in Europe?
    I don't mean that this is wrong - I understand that my currency is Euro so the prices displayed to me in Euro.
    But there was a nice feature of seeing prices in both USD and EUR before and this nice feature is now gone.
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    TOM_TOM_TOM Well-Known Member
    Well, When I select USA, I still see Euros.

    Although I am logged in from Germany.

    It looks like your IP address location determines what currency it displays.

    The country selection appears to affect the price, but doesn't change the currency until I get to the shopping cart.
  6. fx
    fx Well-Known Member
    I would much prefer to be able to choose the currency by myself -just as before-. I don't like websites that select a currency for you (by IP or any other automated method), because usually it's specifically designed to apply a "special" rate...
  7. natalia
    natalia New Member
    Thanks for your feedback!

    Regarding the currency, as Stony pointed out, the price you see is based on your shipping address. The site is in Dollars and we convert to Euros.
    @Shim - You will only see one price now, either Euros or Dollars.

    The captioning and tags error I have logged them as bugs, and will let you know when it will get fixed.

    We are still working hard on making sure everything is going smoothly after the big InShape release last week, so bear with us if this takes a little while.

    Thank you!