Price for PWSF has dropped? Or an error?

Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by Bunrattypark, May 13, 2011.

  1. Bunrattypark
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    Delighted to see the new polished WSF, and will order one of my buses in the new material to see how it turns out.

    However, the original price calculated when the polished material was launched was just a bit dear for my customers. I see this afternoon that the price per model on my shop page has dropped dramatically for the polished material.

    How was the original price calculated, how was today's price calculated, and how come there was such a difference? (Original pricing, WSF €40 & €45, PWSF €48 & €59, now becomes WSF €40 & €45, PWSF €45 & €50) Quite a difference between €50 and €59. I just want to make sure that today's price is the correct price, as I already circulated the earlier dearer price, and got some negative feedback.

    Many thanks, and looking forward to the new material.
  2. Magic
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    Are you sure you haven't seen once prices including VAT (19%) and once excluding VAT?
    If you are in Europe, the prices will be different if you are logged (VAT included because Shapeways knows where you are) or if you are not logged (Shapeways doesn't know and assumes you are out of Europe, as most of the people are :)).

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  3. Bunrattypark
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    No, definitely not. Let me give a synopsis.

    I logged in one evening, and to my surprise, PWSF had been added to all my models, with the same markup. I round up my net prices as I advertise my models elsewhere, and prefer a round figure for convenience.

    My models in WSF were advertised at €40 and €45. I altered the new PWSF markups by a couple of cent, and the new prices were €48 and €59, quite a jump from the plain WSF prices. I circulated the new prices, and received very negative feedback.

    Today I log in, and as if by magic, the PWSF prices have dropped like a stone! I altered my markups very slightly again, in order to round the figures, and today's prices are €40 and €45 for WSF, and €45 and €50 for PWSF.

    Now I have to return to my customers, and tell them no, the price is not actually the first price I told them, but another price. I am delighted with the new pricing, I will definitely sell at this price. However, I want to make sure this is the price, and I won't log in another day and find the price has changed yet again.

    I am just wondering how come the prices appear to have been calculated differently, how €59 changed overnight to €50 (give or take a few cent), and to make sure if I advertise these prices, they will hold.