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    I've uploaded a model that I was planning to get printed in Alumide. The materials comparison sheet says that Alumide is 1.99 / cm. WSF is 1.40/cm. My model is listed as costing $81.57 in WSF, so the model has a volume of approx 57.19 cubic cm. So to get it printed in Alumide it should be 115.31, however the price listed for Alumide is $189.34.

    So I checked all the other prices and compared with the materials sheet.
    WSF Polished = 101.59 = correct
    RSF = 101.84 = correct
    Frosted Ultra Detail = 334.42 = incorrect (204.59)
    Frosted Detail = 230.59 = incorrect (141.68)
    White Detail = 284.73 = incorrect (172.50)
    Sandstone = 73.79 = incorrect (45.89)
    Stainless Steel = 761.12 = incorrect (463.52)
    Gold Plated = 764.12 = incorrect (466.52)
    Antique Bronze = 762.62 = incorrect (465.02)
    Alumide = 189.34 = incorrect (115.31)

    I'm not sure if there's something very obvious that I'm missing or what's going on with this. Any thoughts?

    Edit: Okay, I checked my model's volume in netfabb and it reports it as 94.27 cubic cm. This actually makes most of the prices above correct, but then the WSF (and colors, and polished) too low, so there's still some discrepancy somewhere.

    Edit2: And nevermind... just saw another forum post that mentions a discount on WSF for volume greater than 20cm. Didn't notice it on the materials page because I wasn't looking to use WSF.

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