Prehistoric Pictograph Printing Tutorial

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    Hello everyone, I wasn't sure where to post this, so I'll try here.

    I've made a tutorial on how to prepare 3D models for printing using Shapeways and 3DS Max. The blog with the discussion is here: Markaeology and the Youtube video of the steps is here.

    I'm an archaeologist so I focused on an archaeological application.


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    Neat! I don't use 3DS Max, but I like the application you used it for. How did you make the original OBJ model?

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    Ah, Photosynth. Thanks!

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    I have discovered another reason why parts may not appear in a model created in Blender/stl.

    When you copy parts in Blender and hit Shift+D (Duplicate) once too often, it may happen that you end up with two identical parts in the same position. Such double parts disappear when you upload them to Shapeways.

    This is easily solved by removing the offending copies.

    It is rather hard to spot, as the model looks completely normal in Blender, but you can check the list of objects to look for duplicate parts.

    Karl Heinz

    PS.Sorry, this should have gone into another topic. I was rather unconcentrated at the moment.
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