Precious Metal Hallmarking

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    We have recently received some feedback related to hallmarking of items made of precious metals. This hallmarking includes two stamps, a purity mark and responsibility mark. The purity mark denotes the quality of the metal used and the responsibility mark represents the party standing behind the purity mark (that’s us).

    Since this release, we have received feedback that some designers preferred that the hallmarking was not included. In recognition of those concerns we have now removed all hallmarking on precious metals shipped to the US.

    For designers who wish to receive hallmarking in the future, we are creating a feature to opt in or out of the hallmarking process. This option is currently in development and as soon as it becomes available you will be notified.

    If you would like to receive a refund or reprint on any of these pieces, please reach out directly to
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    @UniverseBecoming ping ^ for visibility. I know you had made some comments w.r.t hallmarking :)
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    This is why I love Shapeways. Thank you SO much for listening to our concerns and taking action so quickly.
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    Thanks, NimlothCQ! :D

    Here's my comment on the thread. Shapeways is like an incubator for business startups as well as a third party enabler of small business. Consequently, Shapeways should keep these aspects in mind not try to develop the Shapeways brand in these key areas.

    Yes, I know the importance of hallmarking. I even have a set of metal purity stamps for when customers request it and I know that in some countries it is mandatory. The thing is though, Shapeways managerial staff would have had a meeting about how to go about implementing hallmarking and in that meeting, did anyone say, "Hey wait! What about designers trying to develop their brands? Shouldn't we make hallmarking optional?" If so, someone might have responded by pointing out that Shapeways shipping packaging is heavily branded. True, but all of that is thrown away by a customer. It's not something permanently attached. I want my own brand permanently attached. I was just getting into adding my own brand hallmark, look at my latest ouroboros ring design for example. It's large enough that it can be seen with the unaided eye. I know Shapeways hallmarks are so small that they can't readily be seen, but they would still be there nonetheless. I could see a customer looking with a magnifying glass years later trying to figure out where they purchased their jewelry piece and that alone is enough to be opposed to it.

    I'm happy to see that Shapeways is going to make this an option because there are lots of designers who need hallmarks. However, my shop will remain closed. I didn't spend years developing my brand to have some lackadaisical coder delete all of my hard work regarding the accumulation of customer favorites. :)