Powder in my ears... literally!

Discussion in 'Finishing Techniques' started by 8th_elephant, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. 8th_elephant
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    Just thought I'd share findings with my latest prototype for an elephant toy in development.
    To facilitate wall thickness in my design, I put a 1mm+ hole in the end where the ear connects to the main body.
    However, I was surprised that the ears were heavier than my calculations; causing them to droop when assembled.
    Ultimately, it was discovered that the ears were filled unfused powder material! I drilled a hole and emptied the contents out which equalled 3 grams of extra weight on a part that should weigh 5.5g.

    Not sure if this extra weight is charged to me upon printing, but I'll be making bigger holes whenever possible from now on :eek:

    Happy Fabricating,

  2. stop4stuff
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  3. Mhagan
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    Oh! that is where that powder went!!! could you send it back? Just kidding :laughing: . Now you know first hand about why we require 4mm/ 2mm for two or more escape holes. Best of luck removing and cleaning the powder.
  4. 8th_elephant
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    Thanks for the replies/clarifications stop4stuff and Mhagan.
    The powder was easily squirted out of the first ear just to show the volume of material trapped in there.
    A vacuum made quick work of the second ear :laughing: